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RW Mouse 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameChen Yu-Hao (陈宇浩)
Country of BirthChina
RoleTop Laner
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDG.FJul 2014Jan 2015
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDGDec 2014Dec 2014
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDGJan 2015May 2015
AD Gaminglogo std.png ADGMay 2015Dec 2015
EDward Gaminglogo std.png EDGDec 2015Dec 2017
Rogue Warriorslogo std.png RWDec 2017Dec 2018
"Mouse" (Real Name: Chen Yu-Hao (陈宇浩)) is a Chinese League of Legends player, formerly a Top Laner for Rogue Warriors.


If you ask Yuhao “Mouse” Chen, he’d probably tell you that not all stars are born, but rather they are forged. His run with EDG started in the bot lane as their starting support player. This didn’t last long though, as he was replaced by Meiko. He then rode the bench for over a year, but his competitive drive never left him and once the 2016 Summer Split started he was EDG’s starting top laner.

Any player could tell you that changing positions is one of the most difficult things to do in professional League of Legends, and they’d be right. Mouse didn’t let the daunting nature of the task deter him though, and he became a solid option in the top lane for EDG. His furious work ethic helped bring his team into the Quarterfinals of the 2016 World Championship, that he tragically had to leave due to the death of a family member. The fans have spoken, and they want to bring back Mouse for one final hurrah in 2016. The newly-minted top laner now has another shot to show the world how work ethic can crush pure talent.

Career History



Date Event Result
2016-11-13 2016 Demacia Cup size=24px EDG 3 : 0 I Maylogo std.png I May
2016-10-15 2016 Season World Championship EDG 1 : 3 ROX Tigerslogo std.png ROX Tigers
2016-08-26 2016 LPL Summer Playoffs size=24px EDG 3 : 0 Royal Never Give Uplogo std.png Royal Never Give Up
2016-04-23 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs Silver.png EDG 1 : 3 Royal Never Give Uplogo std.png Royal Never Give Up
Date Event Result
2015-04-26 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs size=24px EDG 3 : 2 LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Gaming
2015-03-29 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season size=24px EDG 3 : 0 Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming
Date Event Result
2014-12-28 G-League 2014 size=24px EDG 3 : 0 Team Kinglogo std.png Team King
2014-12-13 Demacia Cup Season 2 size=24px EDG 3 : 2 Team WElogo std.png Team WE
2014-12-07 2014 National Electronic Sports Open size=24px EDG 2 : 1 LGD Gaminglogo std.png LGD Gaming
2014-11-02 National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 Silver.png EDG 1 : 2 Team Kinglogo std.png Team King
2014-10-26 NVIDIA Game Festival 2014 size=24px EDG 2 : 0 Team WElogo std.png Team WE
2014-09-12 X Championship Season I size=24px EDG 3 : 1 Team Kinglogo std.png Team King
2014-09-07 2014 Season China Regional Finals size=24px EDG 2 : 1 Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.png Star Horn Royal Club
2014-08-24 2014 LPL Summer Playoffs size=24px EDG 3 : 0 Oh My Godlogo std.png Oh My God
2014-07-20 IEM Season IX - Shenzhen Silver.png EDG 1 : 2 Team WElogo std.png Team WE




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