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To the Esportspedia Community --
First and foremost, I want to apologize for the lack of updates and attention to Esportspedia. The past year has been an amazing but crazy journey with the founding and growth of Esports One and during that time we unfortunately let Esportspedia fall by the wayside.
When I launched Esportspedia, I wanted to create a hub for esports fans around the world to contribute to or learn about their favorite game titles, enabling them to begin or continue their personal and professional growth within the industry. Whether you wanted to learn a little bit about the history of a game or actively participate in it’s community - that’s what Esportspedia was all about.
I’m here to say that we are renewing our focus on the ESPD Wikis to bring them back to their former glory - and beyond! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the past three months to prepare Esportspedia’s infrastructure for a huge migration and are very excited to say that we’re starting today with our League of Legends wiki! As you explore the wiki, you'll notice a bold new design, new, modern functionality -- and blistering fast performance!
We're also very happy to debut our new Esports One Accounts, which will allow you to log into all Esportspedia sites. To create an Esports One account, head over to https://auth.esports.one/new. You can then use this account to log in to the League of Legends wiki, and soon our other wikis as well.
Your new Esports One account will also allow you to log in directly to our bug tracker . Here, you can ask for features, report bugs, comment on issues reported by other community members, and track progress of initiatives that are important to you. As part of the Esportspedia community, we want to make make sure your wiki experience is as good as it can possibly be.
Our goal is to keep the LoL wiki, and all Esportspedia wikis, super-fast, running perfectly, to grow the ESPD community, and deliver a cutting-edge wiki experience. This has been a long time in the making and those of you who have stuck with us through the thick and thin - thank you.
Matthew Gunnin
CEO & Founder
Esportspedia and Esports One

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