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2019 Season
  • NA
  • EU
  • KR
  • CN
  • TW
  • BR
  • CIS
  • TR
  • VN
  • OCE
  • JP
  • SEA
  • INT

Knockout Stage
October 26th - November 10th

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  DAMWON Gaminglogo std.png DAMWON Gaming 1
  G2 Esportslogo std.png G2 Esports 3
  G2 Esportslogo std.png G2 Esports 3
  SK Telecom T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 1
  SK Telecom T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1 3
  Splycelogo std.png Splyce 1
  G2 Esportslogo std.png G2 Esports 0
  FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.png FunPlus Phoenix 3
  Griffinlogo std.png Griffin 1
  Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming 3
  Invictus Gaminglogo std.png Invictus Gaming 1
  FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.png FunPlus Phoenix 3
  FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.png FunPlus Phoenix 3
  Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic 1
Latest News
2019 Season
    Twitter 2019-11-14 Feint Gaminglogo std.png FNT Addow, Renkon, Larian, Galixx, LaGrange joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-14 Feint Gaminglogo std.png FNT Apokalipse switched from Head Coach to ADC.
    Twitter 2019-11-12 Humanoids5logo std.png H5 Dyla joined.
    TournamentIcon.png 2019-11-10 WCS 2015 small.png FunPlus Phoenixlogo std.png FPX size=24px 1st place at Worlds 2019 with GimGoon, Tian, Doinb, Lwx, Crisp
    TournamentIcon.png 2019-11-10 WCS 2015 small.png G2 Esportslogo std.png G2 Silver.png 2nd place at Worlds 2019 with Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz, Mikyx
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Team Vitalitylogo std.png V.Bee Trayton was allowed to explore other options.
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Dire Wolveslogo std.png DW Totoro left.
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Catolica Esportslogo std.png UC Pandulce joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Feint Gaminglogo std.png FNT Pandulce left.
    Facebook 2019-11-07 Dark Horselogo std.png DH GianKios, Cosmoz, Syal, Perro, Topo, Corvi joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Valorouslogo std.png VAL GianKios left.
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Rebirth eSportslogo std.png RBT Skeeto, Yhon, Termo, Viciun, Pyl, sSephix joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-07 Undead Gaminglogo std.png UND sSephix left.
    Instagram 2019-11-06 Azules Esportslogo std.png UCH Kryzpo, Eximus, KearZy, Emets, Duivel joined.
    Instagram 2019-11-06 Valorouslogo std.png VAL Emets left.
    Instagram 2019-11-06 ACE1logo std.png ACE KearZy left.
    Facebook 2019-11-06 Flash Wolveslogo std.png FW Hanabi, Bugi, Rather, Betty, AFei left.
    Twitter 2019-11-05 Hawkslogo std.png HWK Ayax joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-05 Coliseo Dragonslogo std.png CdR 1Chope, Godvi, Maxix, Hayha joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-05 Furious Academylogo std.png FGA Hayha left.
    Twitter 2019-11-04 Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇velogo std.png SUP WaenA was allowed to explore other options.
    Twitter 2019-11-04 9z Teamlogo std.png 9Z Rod, Lesmart, Tomnam, Tsunami joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-04 Rebirth eSportslogo std.png RBT Rod left.
    Twitter 2019-11-04 Undead Gaminglogo std.png UND Sunblast, Style, Enga, Krim, Gastruks, Pori, MDGaston joined.
    Twitter 2019-11-04 Coliseo Dragonslogo std.png CdR Krim left.
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Worlds 2019
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