International Invitational Tournament 3

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International Invitational
Tournament 3
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games Turkey
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerEU
Prize PoolEUR 10,000
Start Date2014-03-24
End Date2014-03-30

The International Invitational Tournament is an online sixteen team Challenger tournament featuring eight Turkish invited teams versus eight European invited teams.


  • Eight European invited teams and eight Turkish invited teams.
  • Single Elimination
    • Ro16 is Best of 3
    • Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and 3rd place match are Best of 3
    • Grand Finals are Best of 5


European Teams (8)
34united e-Sports Clublogo std.png 34united e-Sports Club Absolute Legendslogo std.png Absolute Legends
Cloud9 Eclipselogo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse COREPLAYlogo std.png COREPLAY
Departedlogo std.png Departed ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC Gaming
OverGaminglogo std.png OverGaming Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.png Tick Trick and Duck
Turkish Teams (8)
ANT Gaminglogo std.png ANT Gaming Always With Honorlogo std.png Always With Honor
Big Plays Incorporatedlogo std.png Big Plays Incorporated Dark Passagelogo std.png Dark Passage
GameEkstralogo std.png GameEkstra HWA Gaminglogo std.png HWA Gaming
Team Turqualitylogo std.png Team Turquality Wild Fire e-Sports Clublogo std.png Wild Fire e-Sports Club

Finals Rosters

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Prize Pool

€ 10,000 Euro are spread among the teams as follows :
PlacePrize (EUR)≈Prize (USD)Team
Gold.png€ 5,000 $ 6,876.49 Cloud9 Eclipselogo std.png Cloud9 Eclipse
Silver.png€ 3,000 $ 4,125.89 Dark Passagelogo std.png Dark Passage



  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Dark Passagelogo std.png DP 2
  34united e-Sports Clublogo std.png 34U 0
  Dark Passagelogo std.png DP 2
  GameEkstralogo std.png GE 0
  GameEkstralogo std.png GE 2
  OverGaminglogo std.png Over 1
  Dark Passagelogo std.png DP 2
  Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.png TTD 1
  ANT Gaminglogo std.png ANT 0
  Departedlogo std.png Departed 2
  Departedlogo std.png Departed
  Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.png TTD W
  Team Turqualitylogo std.png TT 0
  Tick Trick and Ducklogo std.png TTD 2
  Dark Passagelogo std.png DP 0
  Cloud9 Eclipselogo std.png C9E 3
  Wild Fire e-Sports Clublogo std.png WF 0
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 2
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 2
  Always With Honorlogo std.png AWH 0
  Always With Honorlogo std.png AWH W
  Absolute Legendslogo std.png aL
  COREPLAYlogo std.png CPLAY Tt 1
  Cloud9 Eclipselogo std.png C9E 2
  HWA Gaminglogo std.png HWA 1
  ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC 2
  ESC Gaminglogo std.png ESC 0
  Cloud9 Eclipselogo std.png C9E 2
  Big Plays Incorporatedlogo std.png BPI 0
  Cloud9 Eclipselogo std.png C9E 2

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