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{{TeamNews|type=left |newsdate=2016-11-25 |team=Dire Wolves |player1=Regret9 |source= |title=Twitter }}
{{TeamNews|type=left |newsdate=2016-11-25 |team=Dire Wolves |player1=Regret9 |source= |title=Twitter }}
{{TeamNews|type=join |newsdate=2016-11-24 |team=1907 Fenerbahçe Espor |player1=MoSiTing |freetext=as Head Coach. |source= |title=Facebook }}
{{TeamNews|type=join |newsdate=2016-11-23 |team=1907 Fenerbahçe Espor |player1=Thaldrin }}
{{TeamNews|type=left |newsdate=2016-11-23 |team=Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇ve |player1=Thaldrin}}
{{TeamNews|type=left |newsdate=2016-11-23 |team=Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇ve |player1=Thaldrin}}

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November 2016
    Facebook 2016-11-30 Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png JAG Raise joined.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-30 Team ROCCATlogo std.png ROC Raise left.
    Fomos 2016-11-30 Longzhu Gaminglogo std.png LZ Frozen left.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-30 Afreeca Freecslogo std.png AFs Sangyoon left.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-29 Dire Wolveslogo std.png DW Destiny joined.
    Fnatic 2016-11-29 Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Febiven left.
    Fnatic 2016-11-29 Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Rekkles re-signed with the team.
    Fnatic 2016-11-29 Fnaticlogo std.png FNC sOAZ, Amazing, Caps, Jesiz joined.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-28 Dire Wolveslogo std.png DW k1ng rejoined.
    INVEN 2016-11-28 KT Rolsterlogo std.png KT Ssumday left.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-28 Team Kinguinlogo std.png TK Woolite joined.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-28 Baskonia eSportslogo std.png BKN Woolite left.
    Twitter 2016-11-26 Dire Wolveslogo std.png DW Sybol left.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-26 Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇velogo std.png SUP hatchý left.
    Twitter 2016-11-25 Dire Wolveslogo std.png DW Regret9 left.
    Facebook 2016-11-24 1907 Fenerbahçe Esportslogo std.png FB MoSiTing joined as Head Coach.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-23 1907 Fenerbahçe Esportslogo std.png FB Thaldrin joined.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-23 Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇velogo std.png SUP Thaldrin left.
    TournamentIcon.png 2016-11-20 Esltumbnail.png Flash Wolveslogo std.png FW Silver.png 2nd place at IEM Season 11 Oakland with MMD, Karsa, Maple, DoubleRed, SwordArt
    TournamentIcon.png 2016-11-20 Esltumbnail.png Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.png UOL size=24px 1st place at IEM Season 11 Oakland with Vizicsacsi, Move, Exileh, Veritas, Hylissang
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-14 Baskonia eSportslogo std.png BKN Woolite, Shanei joined.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-13 Baskonia eSportslogo std.png BKN HolyPhoenix left.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-08 Origenlogo std.png OG Amazing, sOAZ left.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-08 Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsilon Woolite left.
    Facebook 2016-11-07 Flash Wolveslogo std.png FW Rins rejoined.
    Facebook 2016-11-07 Flash Wolveslogo std.png FW DoubleRed to play as starting ADC for IEM Season 11 Oakland.
    Facebook 2016-11-07 Flash Wolveslogo std.png FW DoubleRed joined.
    TeamTransfer.png 2016-11-07 Bahçeşehi̇r SuperMassi̇velogo std.png SUP Zeitnot joined.
    LoL Korea 2016-11-01 Longzhu Gaminglogo std.png LZ Justice joined.