EU LCS S3 Summer Go4LoL Qualifiers

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Go4LoL Qualifiers
Summer Promotion/Relegation
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerEU
Prize Pool€ 15,000
Start Date2013-03-31
End Date2013-04-11


  • 4 open Bracket Go4LoL cups
    • Go4LoL EU West #135
    • Go4LoL EU NE #135
    • Go4LoL EU West #136
    • Go4LoL EU NE #136
    • Single Elimination & Best of One
    • Finalists of each Go4LoL qualify for cross realm qualifier
  • Cross realm qualifier


Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Go4LoL EU West #135

Uncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.png Uncle Ruckus' Revenge
SNOGARD Dragonslogo std.png SNOGARD Dragons

Go4LoL EU NE #135

Esport4Lifelogo std.png Esport4Life

Go4LoL EU West #136

Logo std2.png CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK
ESubalogo std.png eSuba

Go4LoL EU NE #136

Imperium Gamerslogo std.png Imperium Gamers
Test Your Limitslogo std.png Test Your Limits

Prize Pool

€ 15,000 Euro are spread among the teams as follows :
PlacePrize (EUR)≈Prize (USD)SeedTeam
Gold.png€ 10,000 $ 13,123.93 Summer PromoUncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.png Uncle Ruckus' Revenge
Silver.png€ 5,000 $ 6,561.96 -MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MeetYourMakers
Bronze.png-- Summer PromoEsport4Lifelogo std.png Esport4Life
Copper.png-- -SNOGARD Dragonslogo std.png SNOGARD Dragons
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1 MeetYourMakers already qualified through Road trip: Lille.


April 11th

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Uncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.png URR 2
  Test Your Limitslogo std.png TYL 0
  Uncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.png URR 2
  Esport4Lifelogo std.png E4L 1
  Esport4Lifelogo std.png E4L 2
  ESubalogo std.png eSuba 0
  Uncle Ruckus' Revengelogo std.png URR 2
  MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MYM 1
  Logo std2.png CIBYAD 0
  MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MYM 2 3rd place match
  MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MYM 2
  SNOGARD Dragonslogo std.png SNOGARD 1
  SNOGARD Dragonslogo std.png SNOGARD 0
  Imperium Gamerslogo std.png Imperium 1   Esport4Lifelogo std.png E4L 2
  SNOGARD Dragonslogo std.png SNOGARD 2

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