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EDG Clearlove 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameMing Kai (明凱)
Country of BirthChina
TeamEdward Gaming
Team History

<tr><td style=font-size:90%>Logo std2.png 信长野望</td><td style=font-size:90%>?/2011</td><td style=font-size:90%>12/2011</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>Phoenixlogo std.png Phoenix</td><td style=font-size:90%>6/2012</td><td style=font-size:90%>8/2012</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>WElogo std.png WE</td><td style=font-size:90%>8/2012</td><td style=font-size:90%>2/2014</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>EDGlogo std.png EDG</td><td style=font-size:90%>2/2014</td><td style=font-size:90%>12/2016</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>EDGlogo std.png EDG</td><td style=font-size:90%>12/2016</td><td style=font-size:90%>6/2017</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>EDGlogo std.png EDG</td><td style=font-size:90%>6/2017</td><td style=font-size:90%>12/2017</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>EDGlogo std.png EDG</td><td style=font-size:90%>12/2017</td><td style=font-size:90%>4/2018</td><td style=font-size:90%>


<tr><td style=font-size:90%>EDGlogo std.png EDG</td><td style=font-size:90%>4/2018</td><td style=font-size:90%>Present</td><td style=font-size:90%>


Ming "Clearlove" Kai is a Chinese League of Legends player, currently playing as a Jungler for Edward Gaming.


Clearlove was born on July 25, 1993, and began playing League of Legends in 2011. He currently resides in Shanghai.

Career History

ClearLove was originally on the team 信长野望 but they would eventually disband. He joined Team Phoenix in June of 2012 but left the team 2 months after that and joined Team WE in August.

At the Season 2 World Championship in October of 2012, Team WE was given a bye through the group stage. After a random drawing, they were placed against CLG EU in the round of eight, a rematch of their quarterfinal from Azubu The Champions Summer 2012. However, technical issues marred the best-of-three. The teams split the first two games before failed remakes and dropped connections forced rescheduling. In the postponed third and final match, a slow and grinding game ended up in CLG's favor. Team WE finished 5th-8th and brought home $ 75,000.

After winning the Chinese Online Qualifier for IPL5, Team WE traveled to Las Vegas to compete with fifteen other teams for the $ 100,000 prizepool. In the group stages, Team WE advanced first in their group 2-0 with victories over Fnatic and Azubu Blaze. Then in the Winner's Bracket, they went on to defeat Moscow Five (2-0), CLG EU (2-0), and once again defeating Fnatic, this time 2-1 to secure a spot in the Grand Finals where they would face Fnatic for a third time. Starting up one game in a best of five, Team WE came out victorious with a 3-1 victory to become the IPL5 Champions.

Season 3

In their first major tournament in 2013, the GIGABYTE StarsWar League/Season 2, they trampled the group stage, winning every best of 2 set except against their biggest rival, Invictus Gaming, which ended in a draw. Much like IPL5, they won most of the bracket stage with almost perfect records. 2-0 against the Taipei Assassins and 3-1 against Invictus Gaming in the semifinals, WE was posed to take the tournament like they did with pretty much every single tournament they played in the past half year. But a slump hit few key members on the team such as Weixiao and team coordination was overwhelmed by miscommunication. Despite having a one win advantage due to being the winners of the winners bracket, they lost to Invictus Gaming in the grand finals 2-3.

The week before the SWL and the weeks after, the team underperformed against teams like OMG and Invictus Gaming, losing games to even teams like Royal Club Huang Zu, barely holding their top 3 spot. Despite the recent slump and less than expected performance, they managed to keep their perfect record against Positive Energy and take a game off of Invictus Gaming, in the 7th week of 2013 LPL Spring/Regular Season. Week 8 of the 2013 LPL Spring/Regular Season Team WE suffered one of their most devastating and humiliating defeats of the entire season, losing the Wings of Aurora in their first match of the week. During Day 2, they played a rough and slow game versus Royal Club Huang Zu, only winning in the end due to a decisive call made by Weixiao to base race. Week 9 was dubbed by Chinese fans as "the Week WE returned" as they barely lost to OMG, and completely dominated Positive Energy and Invictus Gaming with the latter again not banning out Twisted Fate. With the final week of of the 2013 LPL Spring Regular Season looming ahead, the team had to also prepare for the upcoming NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 which they had to face OMG in the semifinals and Royal Club Huang Zu in the grand finals. By the end of the week, the team took first place in the tournament defeating Royal Club Huang Zu 2-0 in the best out of 3 series. Team WE was knocked out of the semifinals of the 2013 LPL Spring/Playoffs by Invictus Gaming (1-2), securing 4th place in the Spring split of the LPL.

Despite the defeats in the LPL Spring Playoffs and the poor results at StarsWar 8, Team WE managed to defeat OMG (2-1) and Invictus Gaming (2-0) in the IEM Season VIII - Shanghai, securing 1st place in the tournament.

Team WE returned to China for the 2013 LPL Summer Split and finished 4th with a 13-8 record. They would go on to improve their performance in the playoffs and finished 3rd after defeating Royal Club Huang Zu in the 3rd place match due to Royal's forfeit. Team WE however was unable to qualify for the Chinese Regionals and didn't qualify for Worlds.

Season 4

In February of 2014, after being with Team WE for 2 years, ClearLove left the team and joined Edward Gaming, after EDG acquired LMQ's LPL spot. The first professional tournament won by EDG was the 2014 international eSports tournament in Yiwu. Soon after, Edward Gaming won the 2014 LPL spring split. This earned EDG a reputation as one of China's strongest League of Legends teams.

Edward Gaming also emerged victorious in the LPL summer split, winning both the regular split and the Playoffs, defeating OMG in the final. This was enough to secure qualification for the 2014 World Championship. However, the team did not see the same success, crashing out to fellow Chinese team Star Horn Royal Club after underperforming throughout the tournament.

Season 5

Edward Gaming regained their form in the LPL, coming first in the 2015 Spring Split. They defeated LGD Gaming 3-2 in the Playoff Final of the Spring Season. This allowed them to qualify for the first ever Mid-Season Invitational. EDG won this tournament, defeating Korea's SK Telecom T1 in the final, to win the tournament.

In the LPL summer split, EDG continued their surging form into the regular season, winning the majority of their matches to finish first. This didn't last long, however, as EDG finished fourth in playoffs and didn't qualify automatically. Having to play in the 2015 LPL Regional Qualifiers, EDG defeated Snake Esports 2-0 and then Invictus Gaming 3-1 to qualify for the 2015 World Championship.

At Worlds, EDG was put in a group with former MSI rivals SK Telecom T1 as well as H2k-Gaming and Bangkok Titans. Despite a few shaky games, EDG only lost their two games against SKT and won their other four, advancing to the knockout stage. They would face Fnatic in the Quarterfinals and despite subbing out AmazingJ in favor of Koro1, EDG was defeated 0-3 and finished 4th-8th.

Season 6

EDG had a rough start to the 2015 LPL Spring Split, playing several games without ClearLove. They were however able to bounce back, finishing 2nd in Group B, slightly behind Royal Never Give Up. In the playoffs, EDG was able to sweep Snake Esports 3-0 and then won automatically against Qiao Gu Reapers due to QG forfeiting the match. In the finals, EDG faced off against Royal Never Give Up and despite EDG being the favorites going into the match, they lost 1-3 and finished in 2nd place, failing to qualify for the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. Once summer came, EDG was placed in Group A of the 2016 LPL Summer Split. This split would be the start to EDG's resurgence as the team finished with an undefeated 16-0 regular season. In the 2016 LPL Summer Playoffs EDG would defeat Team WE 3-2 in the semifinals, setting them up for a rematch against Royal Never Give Up. In clean fashion, EDG was able to defeat RNG in a 3-0 sweep and reclaim the LPL championship while also qualifying for the 2016 World Championship as China's #1 seed.

At Worlds, EDG was drawn in Group C along with H2k-Gaming, Ahq e-Sports Club and INTZ e-Sports. Despite being a favorite in the group, they would drop a game to H2K and INTZ which forced a tiebreaker between them an H2K for 1st and 2nd place. After losing the tiebreaker and ending 2nd, they were drawn against the tournament favorites ROX Tigers in the Quarterfinals. Despite winning a game, EDG was defeated 1-3 and knocked out of Worlds. Post-worlds, EDG attended 2016 Demacia Cup and won the event after taking down Royal Never Give Up 3-1 in the semifinals and IMay 3-0 in the finals. ClearLove would also attend the 2016 All-Star Event along with his teammate Mouse, winning the whole as a member of Team Ice.

Season 7

In spring of 2017 Clearlove would step down as EDG's main jungler. Taking a break and focusing on improving his play, he was replaced by Iceloli. EDG failed to retain the LPL title in the Spring Playoffs and lost 1-3 to RNG in the Semifinals. They placed 3rd after taking down OMG 3-2 in the third place match. Clearlove returned as EDG's primary jungle in the Summer Split. EDG went on to reclai their throne as LPL champions after taking down RNG 3-2 in the finals of the playoffs.

EDG attended the 2017 World Championship but couldn't live up to their reputation. They were ultimately knocked out in the group stage and finished tied for third place with ahq e-Sports Club.


  • Known for his Evelynn, Nunu, and Lee Sin.
  • Was considered to be the number 1 jungler before he even joined Team WE in Season 2.
  • He was a mid laner before he became jungler for Team WE
  • He was rank #1 on the CN server during season 1.
  • Known for his first game tag "Nuoyan", which means promise in Chinese, then changed to "ClearLove", then "Troll", afterwards "Mann", and now back to "ClearLove".
  • He has been Challenger on both the Chinese an Korean servers
  • Known for both "darkness" and "light" personas as a result of his inconsistently aggressive play in the jungle.
  • Has been called "Director" as a compliment for strong jungle play.
  • During the period when he couldn't talk on stream, Clearlove would play love songs or "Ode to Joy" when asked to play a happy song, giving him the nicknames "Love Song Prince" and "Esports Beethoven".
  • 2015 is his first year playing on a team without Fzzf.
  • Has stated that his best champion is  Evelynn.


Date Event Result
2016-11-13 2016 Demacia Cup Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 IMAYlogo std.png I May
2016-10-15 2016 Season World Championship EDG 1 : 3 ROXTlogo std.png ROX Tigers
2016-08-26 2016 LPL Summer Playoffs Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 RNGlogo std.png Royal Never Give Up
2016-04-23 2016 LPL Spring Playoffs Silver.png EDG 1 : 3 RNGlogo std.png Royal Never Give Up
Date Event Result
2015-12-12 All-Star Los Angeles 2015 5v5 Bronze.png LPL Allstars 2 : 1 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-11-22 2015 Demacia Cup Grand Finals Gold.png EDG 3 : 1 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2015-09-04 2015 Season China Regional Finals Gold.png EDG 3 : 1 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2015-08-17 2015 LPL Summer Playoffs Copper.png EDG 1 : 3 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2015-07-12 2015 Demacia Cup Summer Season Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
2015-05-10 2015 Mid-Season Invitational Gold.png EDG 3 : 2 SKT T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1
2015-04-26 2015 LPL Spring Playoffs Gold.png EDG 3 : 2 LGDlogo std.png LGD Gaming
2015-03-29 2015 Demacia Cup Spring Season Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
Date Event Result
2014-12-28 G-League 2014 Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 Kinglogo std.png Team King
2014-12-13 Demacia Cup Season 2 Gold.png EDG 3 : 2 WElogo std.png Team WE
2014-12-07 2014 National Electronic Sports Open Gold.png EDG 2 : 1 LGDlogo std.png LGD Gaming
2014-11-02 National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 Silver.png EDG 1 : 2 Kinglogo std.png Team King
2014-10-26 NVIDIA Game Festival 2014 Gold.png EDG 2 : 0 WElogo std.png Team WE
2014-09-12 X Championship Season I Gold.png EDG 3 : 1 Kinglogo std.png Team King
2014-09-07 2014 Season China Regional Finals Gold.png EDG 2 : 1 SH Royallogo std.png Star Horn Royal Club
2014-08-24 2014 LPL Summer Playoffs Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
2014-07-20 IEM Season IX - Shenzhen Silver.png EDG 1 : 2 WElogo std.png Team WE
2014-05-25 2014 LPL Spring Gold.png EDG 3 : 0 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2014-04-29 International Esports Tournament 2014 Gold.png edg 2 : 0 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
Date Event Result
2013-12-01 2013 WCG Grand Finals Bronze.png team we 2 : 0 Lyonlogo std.png Lyon Gaming
2013-11-20 2013 LPL Summer Playoffs Bronze.png team we W : FF Royallogo std.png Royal Club
2013-11-10 National Electronic Sports Tournament Silver.png team we 0 : 2 OMGlogo std.png Oh My God
2013-07-26 IEM Season VIII - Shanghai Gold.png team we 2 : 0 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2013-06-23 2013 LPL Spring Playoffs Copper.png team we 1 : 2 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2013-05-26 All-Star Shanghai 2013 Silver.png cn lpl 0 : 2 KR Championslogo std.png Korea Champions
2013-05-25 Jungle Skill Competition - All-Star Shanghai 2013 SF.png Troll Blanklogo std.png 0 : 1 LEC logo 25.png Diamondprox
2013-05-19 NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 Gold.png we 2 : 0 Royallogo std.png Royal Club
2013-04-23 GIGABYTE StarsWar League Season 2 Silver.png we 2 : 3 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2013-03-09 G-League 2012 Season 2 Gold.png we 3 : 2 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
Date Event Result
2012-12-29 HPL Gold.png we 3 : 0 PElogo std.png Positive Energy
2012-12-02 IGN ProLeague Season 5 Gold.png we 3 : 1 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
2012-11-25 Tencent Game Arena Grand Prix Winter 2012 Gold.png we 2 : 1 Royallogo std.png Royal Club
2012-11-19 Enter the Dragon Gold.png we 3 : 0 KT Alogo std.png KT Rolster A
2012-11-11 GIGABYTE StarsWar League Gold.png we 4 : 0 LGDlogo std.png LGD Gaming
2012-11-03 International e-Culture Festival 2012 Gold.png we 2 : 1 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2012-10-28 World e-Sports Masters 2012 Gold.png we 2 : 1 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming
2012-09-27 Ultimate Game Tournament Gold.png we 2 : 0 IGlogo std.png Invictus Gaming







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