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Background Information
NameMauno Tälli
Country of BirthEstonia
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Buykey eSports logo 25.png Buykey3/2013Current
RGlogo std.png RG1/20144/2014
SK Primelogo std.png SK Prime11/20141/2015
SKlogo std.png SK1/201512/2015
Gamers2logo std.png Gamers21/20152/2015
Logo std2.png PrideZ3/20153/2015
Mouzlogo std.png mouz5/20154/2016
REDClogo std.png RED6/2016Current
Forgelogo std.png 4G12/2016Current

Mauno "beansu" Tälli was previously the top laner for mousesports.


Mauno "beansu" Tälli started playing video games at a very young age. As he grew older, he moved onto Runescape and Couter Strike 1.6 before finding himself playing League of Legends.

League of Legends Career

Early Season 3 saw beansu join his first team, Buykey eSports. The team was fully comprised of Estonian players, such as Voidle. He left later on that year in order pursue a career at a higher competitive level.

His chance came at the start of the 2014 Season, when he joined Reason Gaming. beansu's first opportunity to prove himself with Reason was the Spring Challenger Series #2 in which the team placed 3rd and qualified for the Spring Challenger Playoffs, where beansu and Reason ended up finishing 4th.

Later that same month, the roster disbanded, leaving beansu without a team.

Towards the end of the year, beansu was eventually picked up by SK Prime along with former teammate Trashy after qualifying for the Expansion Tournament via the challenger ladder. SK Prime were knocked out in Round 1 of the online phase after being beaten by Reason Gaming.


  • Has always lived in the Estonian town of Põlva.
  • Referred to as Mini-Wickd, due to his performances on  Irelia.


Date Event Result
2015-12-17 Millenium Predator Tournament 2015 Bronze.png mouz 2 : 1 Meltylogo std.png Melty eSport Club
2015-08-12 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Playoffs Silver.png mouz 2 : 3 D EUlogo std.png Team Dignitas EU
2015-08-09 ESL Meisterschaft Summer 2015 Silver.png mouz 0 : 2 ESGlogo std.png EURONICS Gaming
2015-07-22 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Season Copper.png mouz 5 : 5 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-07-05 eSports Festival 2015 Bronze.png mouz 2 : 0 M Spiritlogo std.png Millenium
2015-05-03 ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 Gold.png mouz 2 : 0 ESGlogo std.png EURONICS Gaming


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