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ZAGA Talent Gaming
Team Information
LocationEl Salvador
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ZAGA Talent Gaming is a division from ZAGA Talent Management, which is a Salvadoran talent management agency whose purpose is helping talented individuals with passion grow and develop in what they do best. ZAGA Talent is expanding fast in the eSports world.


ZAGA Talent Gaming was founded on November 2015.


  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017

Player Roster


  • Voltigore, Top. Nationality: pe.Residency: LAN.
  • SolidSnake, Jungle. Nationality: pe.Residency: LAN.
  • Master Jos, Mid. Nationality: bo.Residency: LAS.
  • VirusFx, AD. Nationality: mx.Residency: LAN.
  • GodDragon, Support. Nationality: es.Residency: EU.
  • Medussa, Mid. Nationality: mx.Residency: LAN.
  • Fottiti, Mid. Nationality: ve.Residency: LAN.


  • Baula, Support. Nationality: cr.
  • Herrscher, Sub/Jungle. Nationality: bo.
  • Kastiel, Sub/AD. Nationality: do.



|- |El Salvador | RumBy |Rodrigo Gadala |Team Owner

|- |El Salvador | fcoz |Francisco Zablah |Team Owner

|- |El Salvador | Una Alpaca |Mauricio Rodriguez |Team Manager

|- |Spain | Mihilea |Daniel Azón |Head Coach

|- |Peru | Suplife7 |Juan Sanchez |Analyst

|- |Mexico | Hashmalek |Ubaldo Morales |Assistant Coach

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-04-11 Copa LatinAm logo.png I1Q 2016 LAN Closing Cup Promotion 3 : 1 Dash9 Gaminglogo std.png Dash9 Gaming

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