Young Lizard

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Young Lizard
Young LizardSquare.png
Attack Damage:11
Range:500 (estimate)
Magic Resistance:0
Critical Strike Chance:0%
Attack Speed:0.679
Movement Speed:330
Initial Spawn Time:1:55(SR) 1:40(TT)
Respawn Time:5:00(SR) 1:15(TT)
Gold Gain on Kill:10
Experience Gain on Kill:50


A Young Lizard is a neutral monster found on both the Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline maps. It is described in-game as "A simple ranged monster with miniscule health."

On Summoner's Rift, it can be in pairs at both the Lizard Elder and Ancient Golem camps. On Twisted Treeline, it can be found with a Golem and a Lizard in the middle jungle, alternating with a camp of one Wraith and three Lesser Wraiths.


  • Due to the importance of the Blue and Red buffs, it is common to leave on Young Lizard alive when stealing an opponent's buff so as to delay the respawn timer from starting.

Patch History

  • Base experience granted increased to 50 from 10
  • Base Health increased to 400 from 300


  • Base Health increased to 300 from 250