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Welcome to the Guidelines for Esportspedia's LoL wiki! In here you will find general rules on how the wiki and parts of it function, as well as formats and regulations that we follow. In-general if you want to learn how the wiki works and how you can work with the wiki itself, this is where you want to be. If you are new to the LoL esports scene, you can also visit the Introduction Page to learn more about the competitive part of the game.

These Guidelines are important to us because they are what keep the order and structure of the wiki. In a way they are our foundation and they display what we stand for and what rules we follow in terms of managing and keeping the wiki running. Regardless of whether or not you are a user of the wiki or a contributor, please make sure you do your best to follow them.

What is the page layout?


  1. This section of the page are the tabs. They are made and edited as a template. Due to their more complex nature, please contact the staff and they will show you how to work with them.
  2. This is a Heading. You can use Headings to separate a page in different parts. Headings can be used easily in our Visual Editor (at the top right).
  3. This is the Table of Contents (TOC). It lists each part of the page and allows users to jump to each of them with ease.

What is a Conflict of Interest?

When a user who has an affiliation to a page makes an edit that affects the page's neutrality, it can be considered a conflict of interest.

If you're the one making the edit:

  • You are more than welcome to edit neutral parts of the page like the trivia section, correcting small grammar mistakes, correcting factual mistakes like what date you joined a certain team or adding links to interviews and articles involving you
  • You should always contact a staff member if you want to write why you joined or left a team, why you added or removed a player from a team (this counts for organizations) or describing any decisions you took as a team manager

If you're a staff member or part of the ESPD team:

  • Do your best to reach out to players/teams/organizations before making any big changes to pages IF there's no official information or news update/announcement regarding the change you're making on the page

How does linking to content work?

  • VODs:
    • VODs are recorded videos of any professional matches in the competitive LoL scene
    • We always try to use official VODs by the league or party that is organizing the event
    • LoL Esports VODs for LCS, LoL Esports Brazil for CBLOL, Garena for LMS, etc
    • If the official organizer isn't providing any VODs, you are allowed to use VODs by unofficial channels.

  • Articles:
    • Articles are written pieces written by independent writers or third party publishers
    • We welcome any articles that cover players, teams or events. Whether that's in terms of coverage, statistical information or anything of the sort. ** We won't accept articles that are built on advertisement or self-profit.
    • Articles that are deemed as not having any useful or insightful information relating to the professional scene and only exist to promote something or someone will be removed

How can I affect pages that are about me or a team I'm part of?

  • If you are affiliated with a page in some way:
    • You are welcome to add your own content to it. However don't remove or replace any of the current content for it.
    • If you want any of the content removed for any reason, please contact an ESPD staff member about it.

  • If a page for you or your team exists and you want information deleted from it:
    • We will remove it if it's something peculiar you don't want others finding out about you (or the team) or information that may be damaging to you (or the team)
    • We reserve the right not to remove any general information such as what roles you've played competitively or what events your team has won.

Where should I look for information about players, teams and events?

Generally speaking you are allowed to look for information on most websites around the internet. However you should not look for information on any of the other competitive esports wikis. It's not fair towards them and there's no need to do it since information can be found on a lot of platforms. Overall we don't condone copying from other wikis as it damages the integrity of our wiki and our community. The main sources of information you should be using are official websites of event organizers. Some of them include:

If you are unsure what website to try to find information from, contact the Esportspedia Staff!

What usernames are considered inappropriate?

We generally allow most usernames. However we reserve the right to change your username if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • Excessive Advertisement
  • Racism, sexism, discrimination, homophobia, etc
  • Impersonation
  • Self-promotion that violates Riot Games' terms of service such as Elo Boosting or Account Selling