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Health:5011 (+150 per minute)
(+280 per Level)
Attack Damage:143 (+8 per minute)
Magic Resistance:30
Critical Strike Chance:0%
Attack Speed:0.650
Movement Speed:0
Initial Spawn Time:10:00
Respawn Time:5:00
Gold Gain on Kill:190
Experience Gain on Kill:?


Vilemaw is the most powerful neutral monster on Twisted Treeline.

Killing Vilemaw grants the Crest of Crushing Wrath buff to all living champions on the team lasting 2:00 (2:24 with Runic Affinity mastery). The buff grants bonus health and mana regeneration, an attack speed buff, and cooldown reduction.


Unlike most other neutral monsters, Vilemaw has two abilities: A AoE conical pull and a short ranged AoE slam attack. His attacks also apply a stacking debuff that reduces armor and magic resist. Being hit by melee basic attacks will apply one stack, ranged apply 4, and his AoE slam applies 15. It caps out at 60 stacks. While they are not specifically referenced in-game, their animations and effects are visible and distinctive.


  • Vilemaw is often a key objective in games because of its gold bonus and global buff.
  • Vilemaw is immune to all forms of Crowd Control. However, any damage with the Crowd Control is dealt.
  • It can be easily soloed by an Attack Damage champion with some sort of Life Steal/Return.
  • Vile always starts with his AoE pull, so it can be used as either an initiate or an escape by attacking to pull them in to set up a Wombo or by an over the shoulder to pull them away from you.
  • It is common for teams to bait you into Vile by hiding within the pit or along the wall.
  • Because the Crest of Crushing Wrath buff is given to the team that deals the killing blow on Vile, it is possible for players to steal the kill after the enemy team deals most of the damage. While it is easiest to steal Vile using the Smite summoner spell, some champions can steal it with abilities like  Cho'Gath's Feast or  Graves' Collateral Damage.
  • When Vile dies, the buff is only granted to those team members who are currently alive. Dead team members will respawn without the buff. Unlike the Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder buffs, the buff will not transfer when a player with the buff is killed.

Patch History

  • Vilemaw Added.