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JAG TrAce 2016 Spring.png
Background Information
NameYeo Chang-dong (여창동)
Country of BirthSouth Korea
TeamSamsung Galaxy
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Ahq e-Sports Club Korealogo std.png ahq.KR2/20135/2013
Logo std2.png HGD5/20137/2013
JAG Stealthslogo std.png JAS7/201311/2014
Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png JAG11/201411/2015
Jin Air Green Wingslogo std.png JAG12/201512/2016
Samsung Galaxylogo std.png SSG12/2016Current

Yeo "TrAce" Chang-dong is the Top laner for Jin Air Green Wings.


Yeo "TrAce" Chang-dong is from Daegu, South Korea. He started playing League of Legends on the NA server three months prior to the December 2012 launch of the Korean server.

Season 3

TrAce's first pro League of Legends team was ahq e-Sports Club Korea, which he was a member of from February 2013 to May 2013 and with which he played in the OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013. Unfortunately, the team barely missed the playoffs and fell out in the group stage. In May 2013, TrAce joined the rest of the ahq roster in forming Hoon Good Day, and in July 2013 he and the rest of the HGD roster were picked up by Jin Air to form the Jin Air Green Wings Stealths. The Stealths played in their first OGN as a team at HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013 where they came last in their group and failed to make the playoffs.

2014 Season

TrAce and his team started the new season at PANDORA.TV Champions Winter 2013-2014 but failed to make the playoffs yet again. It was revealed in March 2014 that ahq had taken part in match fixing but TrAce was found to have taken no part in the dealings. The Stealths didn't get a chance to prove themselves until HOT6iX Champions Summer 2014 when they finally made the quarterfinals but they were swiftly knocked out 3-0 by Samsung Blue.

2015 Season

Changes to the OGN rules forced the Stealths and their sister team, the Jin Air Green Wings Falcons, to merge to create the Jin Air Green Wings. The Falcons' top laner, Rock, retired at the end of OGN summer so TrAce was given the starting top lane position for the team. Jin Air performed extremely well for most of SBENU Champions Spring 2015 and took the fourth seed going into the playoffs. However, they faltered towards the end of the season and ended up losing 3-0 to CJ Entus in the quarterfinals, taking fourth for the season. Jin Air then attended SBENU Champions Summer 2015 but placed 6th overall, gaining 10 circuit points and qualifying for the next season of LCK but barely missing playoffs. Jin Air was seeded into the first round of the 2015 Season Korea Regional Finals and made it all the way to the finals but they lost 3-1 to KT Rolster.

2016 Preseason

Jin Air played in the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup where they lost 2-0 in the quarterfinals to CJ Entus. TrAce did not play in this tournament. TrAce left Jin Air in November but rejoined in December.

2016 Season

Jin Air started the 2016 LCK Spring Split strong, notably upsetting reigning world champions SK Telecom T1 on the first week. TrAce was the starting toplaner this season over SoHwan. For the majority of the split, Jin Air held onto second place only behind the ROX Tigers, but fell down to fourth by the end of the season. Still qualifying for the Spring Playoffs, they beat the Afreeca Freecs 2-0 before falling 3-1 to eventual winners SK Telecom T1. This gave them a fourth place finish for the split.


Current Season Statistics



Date Event Result
2016-04-15 LCK 2016 Spring Season Copper.png Jin Air 1 : 3 SK Telecom T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1
Date Event Result
2015-09-05 2015 Season Korea Regional Finals Silver.png Jin Air 1 : 3 KT Rolsterlogo std.png KT Rolster
2015-08-18 Challengers Korea Summer 2015 Playoffs size=24px Jin Air 3 : 1 Incredible Miraclelogo std.png Incredible Miracle
2015-04-17 SBENU Champions Spring 2015 Copper.png Jin Air Green Wings 0 : 3 CJ Entuslogo std.png CJ Entus
Date Event Result
2014-08-07 ITENJOY NLB Summer 2014 Copper.png JAG Stealths JAG Stealthslogo std.png 2 : 3 NaJin White Shieldlogo std.png NaJin White Shield





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