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Pre-TSM Era

While being the team captain of Team Number One, The Rain Man gained attention in the scene by achieving Rank 1 in the NA solo queue ladder, playing mainly top lane  Teemo. However, he left Team Number One in order to become the new Top laner for Team SoloMid.[1]


After joining Team SoloMid in April 2011 alongside support Player Xpecial[2], The Rain Man finished his first major LAN tournament reaching 3rd place at Riot Season 1 Championship, losing twice to aAa in the semi-finals and in the loser's bracket finals.

In the following months, Team SoloMid participated in a number of offline and online tournaments, the most prominent being IEM Cologne, where they finished second, only losing to Counter Logic Gaming in the Grand Finals.

After being eliminated in the group stages at IEM - New York where the team lost all three games in its group, The Rain Man joined Team SoloMid's gaming house in the New York area in August 2011.[3]

In November 2011, TSM won their first major LAN event at MLG 2011 - Providence, where The Rain Man showed impressing plays on  Yorick, deciding many teamfights in favor of Team SoloMid after teleporting in from top lane.

Team SoloMid started into 2012 by scrimming extensively, while also creating accounts on EU-West in order to scrim against European teams. Having won the last major LAN event, the team was one of the favorites going into IEM Kiev. TSM got into the Grand Finals undefeated, even beating Team Dignitas 2-0 in the semi finals. However, they lost to the Russian team Moscow 5, who took the first place of the tournament.

In March 2012, Team SoloMid participated in the Season VI IEM World Championship in Hanover, Germany. Team SoloMid was eliminated in the group stage, losing their first game to Curse Gaming. TSM won matches against Sypher and EHOME, they lost another 2 matches against Moscow 5 and SK Gaming and therefore could not qualify for quarterfinals.

After coming home from the IEM World Championship, The Rain Man decided to step down from being Team SoloMid's top laner on March 13th, citing differing attitudes towards the game.[4] The Rain Man's spot as TSM's top laner was filled by former top laner for Epik Gamer, Dyrus.[5]

Post-TSM Era

Although not part of the team anymore, The Rain Man stayed in the Team SoloMid gaming house up until the team won IPL4 - Las Vegas, when he decided to leave the gaming house in order to pursue his own life along with his girlfriend and their dog, Lulu. Since leaving Team SoloMid, The Rain Man has subbed for multiple teams, most prominently for 4Not when they competed at MLG Raleigh 2012.

He was in the process of starting his own team after Chaox's departure from Team SoloMid. Fans and many others are trying to push for him to hire Chaox as of March 26th. In April, He finally formed Team Solo Queue with chu8, XJ9, Haruka and TheSwingingSalton for qualifying Season 4 NA LCS. [6]