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This page is here to track templates that we need to rewrite. A lot of the old templates need to be rewritten to run faster and to be less complex, taking advantage of Cargo. The list of those to rewrite, from highest priority to lowest, are:

  • Template:TeamShort -- cargo should be used to query the team shortname from the team page.
  • Template:Teamname
  • Template:LCSTableSlot -- uses SMW
  • Template:GameSchedule5 -- uses SMW
  • Template:GameScheduleWithStreams -- uses SMW
  • Template:CrossboxSeriesNoTies Uses "while"? See NA LCS 2017 Summer#Results.
  • Template:Crossbox
  • Template:PlayerPentakills -- uses SMW #ask.
  • Template:Listplayersp -- convert from table to list.