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This template defines the table "tournamentrosters". View table.This template adds rows to the table "tournamentplayer", which is declared by the template RosterCargo. View table.

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Used when adding a roster box on tournament pages:

Eye - Show All.pngRosters

SK Telecom T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1


|player1= |flag1= |role1=
|player2= |flag2= |role2=
|player3= |flag3= |role3=
|player4= |flag4= |role4=
|player5= |flag5= |role5=


Input Options
|team= • Full team's name or abbreviation
• If you are to use the team's full name, it should be the same for all teams + write the team's full name for the prize pool too, the same goes if you are to use abbreviations.
|team=SK Telecom T1
|font= • Placed right after |team= IF AND ONLY IF the team's name is too long and it breaks the box.
• Value for |font= can be anywhere between 95-80 (5's). If you are down to 80 and it is still too long for the box, ping Dhox.
|seed= • Could be the region/country where the team is from or the tournament page. |seed=South Korea
|seed={{flag|kr}} South Korea
|seed=[[LCK 2019 Summer Playoffs|Winner of LCK 2019 Summer]]
• List of all the players that actually played at least one game in a tournament.
• This can go up to |player15=
• Format: Plain text of player's official IGN with proper stylization
|flag1= • Represents the player's country of birth. Preferably in abbreviated form.
• For the complete list of the flags, click HERE
|link1= • Added to redirect the user to the right player page
• Normally used for names with disambiguation or palyer who share their IGN with another player/staff
• Format: Plain text (page name) without the underscores
• If adding a link to |player1=, then it should be |link1= and so on.
|player5=Wolf |link5=Wolf (Lee Jae-wan)
|role1= • Role(s) played by a player in a given tournament.
• If the player played more than 1 role, separate them with a comma.
• If the player did not play a single game, value for the role should be sub
player3=Faker|role3=mid laner, support, adc
player3=Faker|role3=m, s, a
|t1= • If you are creating a special event page like the All-Star tournament, you may add |t1= (to t15=) to display the team represented by the player. |t1=SKT |player1=Faker