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The rp_stub template is for a "roster player" -- defining a player that is part of a particular team's roster, either current or former member. This template should only be used for players who *do not have* their own ESPD page. If the player has their own ESPD page, use the Template:rp template instead. The fields in this template are:

field name example description
(first field) Xmithie summoner/player name. This should match the name of the player page on ESPD.
current current=yes set this is the player is part of the team's current roster. Otherwise, leave out entirely.
link link=My real page use this to point to an alternate page if the ESPD page is different than the player's name above.
contract_ends contract_ends=2020-04-21 date that the player's contract ends, if a current player on the team's roster.
role role=Jungle Player's role on the roster.
nationality nationality=kr Country code for the player's nationality.
residency residency=us Country code for the player's residency.
current_team current_team=Team Liquid Specify the team that the player currently plays on.
name name=Joseph Schmoe The player's full name.

This template is designed to integrate well with an unordered list, as follows:

* {{rp|....}}
* {{rp|....}}