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The rp template is for a "roster player" -- defining a player that is part of a particular team's roster, either current or former member. This template should only be used for players who have their own ESPD page. If the player doesn't have an ESPD page, use the Template:rp_stub template instead. The fields in this template are:

field name example description
(first field) Xmithie summoner/player name. This should match the name of the player page on ESPD.
current current=yes set this if the player is part of the team's current roster. Otherwise, leave out entirely.
link link=My real page use this to point to an alternate page if the ESPD page is different than the player's name above.
contract_ends contract_ends=2020-04-21 date that the player's contract ends, if a current player on the team's roster.
role role=Jungle Player's role on the roster.

Note that we have intentionally removed fields such as nationality and residency, since this information is stored on the player's page and can be retrieved via Cargo. Also note that the template that rp replaces displayed this information in a table format. In this new template, information is displayed in readable wikitext rather than in a structured format like a table. For tables, we should store information we want to display in Cargo and write a Cargo query as this is the optimal way of displaying tables of information. This template is designed to integrate well with an unordered list, as follows:

* {{rp|....}}
* {{rp|....}}