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This template adds rows to the table "rcurrent", which is declared by the template RosterCurrent. View table.

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Used when adding a roster table on team pages:

Date Joined Player Real Name Role
Nov 2014   South Korea Faker     Lee Sang-hyeok  

Copyable Code:

Input Options
|date= • Date when the player joined the team.
• Format: MMM YYYY
|date=Jun 2017
|flag= • Refers to the player's country of birth
• Format: Preferrably written in abbreviation
• For a complete list of flags, click HERE
|ign= • Should be the player's official in game name, with proper stylization. |ign=Faker
|name= • Player's full legal name |name=Lee Sang-hyeok
|link= • Added to redirect the user to the right player page
• Normally used for names with disambiguation or players who share their IGN with another player
• Format: Plain text (page name) without the underscores
|link=Wolf (Lee Jae-wan)
|role= • Player's current or announced team role
• Format: Input can be any of the ff: top laner, jungler, mid laner, adc, support, t, j, m, a s
• For the full list of all possible inputs, click HERE
|role=top laner