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Prize Pool Table


  • This template must be added to all tournament pages, whether there's prize money involved or none.
  • Note that 3 different templates are needed for the prize pool table to display properly, PHead, PLine and PEnd.
Place%Prize (KRW)RegionPointsSeedTeam
Gold.png50%₩ 2,000,000 Ogn logo.png 90Worlds 2019SK Telecom T1logo std.png SK Telecom T1
Silver.png50%₩ 2,000,000 LoL Europe logo 25.png 70Worlds 2019Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
  • Conversion Date: N/A
For Template:PHead
Parameter Usage
qual= • Set to "yes" if there is seeding involved.
percent= • Set to "yes" if prize percentage needs to be displayed.
region= • Set to "yes" if the team's region needs to be displayed.
ptitle= • e.g. Points, Circuit Points or Championship Points
tprize= • Set to "yes" if there's cash prize involved.
currency= • e.g. USD, KRW, EUR or BRL, etc.
• This is where your prize conversion goes to.
• usd= if the prize money is in EUR/Euro.
• eur= if the prize money is in USD/US Dollars.
• Or you can add both if the prize money is in another currency.
cdate= • Date when you converted the prize pool.
• As much as possible, use the last date of the tournament.
• Format: YYYY-DD-MM
clink= • This is where you add the link to your conversion.
• Recommended site is XE
lname= • e.g. lcs, lec, lpl, lck, cblol, etc.
lyear= • e.g. 2019, 2018, 2017
For Template:PLine
Parameter Usage
place= • e.g. 1 or 1st, 2 or 2nd, 3-4 or 3rd-4th or 3-4th, and so on.
prize= • e.g. 1000, 20000, 300000, 4000000
• Note: Do not include a comma in between.
• Note: If not all teams receive a prize
   •• add a dash (-) if converting to usd=
   •• add double dash(--) if converting to both usd= and eur=.
add= • Use if there are other prizes aside from cash.
• e.g. x2 Razer Headgear, x2 Razer Keyboards, etc.
other= • Use if the prizes are not in cash.
• e.g. x2 Razer Headgear, x2 Razer Keyboards, etc.
seed= • Where the team is seeded to next.
• Format: Worlds 2019 or Playoffs or Main Event, etc.
cp= • If there are points earned from the tournament.
• e.g. 70, 90 or +50 and so on.
team1= • Name of the winning team.
• Format: SKT or SK Telecom T1.
• Note: How you input the name of the team should match how you wrote them on the roster boxes in the ==Particpants== section.
vs= • This is where the opposing team's name go. Must be the very last team played against.
result= • Result of the team's last played match.
• Format:
   •• Round Robin: 1-1-1 or 1 - 1
   •• Playoffs/Bracket: 1 : 1
date= • Should be the date when the team last played.
• Format: YYYY-DD-MM
tacro= • This should match the team's tag. (e.g. Team SoloMid = tsm, Fnatic = fnc, etc.)