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February 17th
IHGlogo std.png IHG Glebo joins.
Vikingekrig Esports logo 25.png Vikingekrig Murloc joins as Head Coach.
February 16th
Blanklogo std.png none Ta0ur joins.
Justlogo std.png TJ Click joins as Head Coach.
MEGA Esports logo 25.png MG QaspieL leaves.
February 14th
ESubalogo std.png ESB Saulius, Tarky, Random, PiOk and kamilius join.
Vikingekrig Esports logo 25.png Vikingekrig Wondro, Lachtan, Risdrengen, Rau, Adiss and slivovica join. Gaax leaves.
EXtatuslogo std.png eXtatus Jellou, Maus, Sirinox, Sufon, Mortsche and Shiage join. Wondro, Skot, Domec and Taylor leave.
Blanklogo std.png none Flux, DyBer, Patoš, Haklbery, Kyoshi, and Domec join. SeMike and Sufon leave.
February 13th
Winnerslogo std.png WNS Bully joins, while Chief joins as a coach. Ella moves back to coach.
Alpha Esports logo 25.png ALF Kiwi joins.
GLKlogo std.png GLK Flaxxish joins while Doxy leaves.
February 12th
SKlogo std.png SK Brokenshard moves to Head Coach.
BSlogo std.png BUR Auspex leaves.
Rogue logo 25.png Rogue Finn and Vander join from Rogue Academy
Rogue logo 25.png REC Profit and Raxxo join from Rogue.
ExceL Esports UK logo std.png xL UK Exile joins from exceL Esports.
February 11th
MAD Lions E.C. logo 25.png MAD Moopz leaves.
Rift Esports logo 25.png RIFT Grisen joins while Rufus leaves.
87 logo 25.png 87 Dargon, Aliez, LFFzzz, WXM, Kaiy1, Years9, 86, Kore and WestDamY1 join.
Victory Five logo 25.png VF V joins as Head Coach. Academy Team is announced as Team 87.
Fnatic Rising logo 25.png FR Fnatic Academy rebrands. Shikari, Dan, MagiFelix, xMatty and Prosfair join, while Jandro joins as head coach.
February 10th
VVTlogo std.png VS TR1GGERED, Merao, VioletFairy, Ankote and Trianna join.
February 8th
Valorous logo 25.png VAL Schmerz leaves.
February 7th
Liyab Esports logo 25.png LES Mineski rebrands. GGamza, DoeDoii, Exosen, Gari, Hamezz, Kaigu and Tgee join, while Cabbage joins as head coach and Gilbert Sales Jr. joins as manager.
Undead Gaming logo 25.png UND Ackerman joins.
Tickling Tentacles Willhaben logo 25.png TTW XoYnUzi,Jinsh, Battily, Razergy and Seaz join.
INTZ AClogo std.png INTZ AC Aoshi, Ace, iBlackSmurf, Lannik and Maynah join.
Sour Savory logo 25.png SavourUs AmourFaya, ClownSky, Aerados, Jkalam and Dinoricar join while Limpix and Majstor join as Head Coach and Manager.
February 6th
BJKlogo std.png BJK SeongHwan and Farfetch join.
Royal Youth logo 25.png RYA Farfetch leaves.
DPlogo std.png DP Backlund joins.
February 5th
Mad Lions E.C. Mexico logo 25.png MLM Fiction leaves.
February 4th
AS Trencin eSports logo 25.png AST Team is created. Dreedy, Jejky, Dread, Charca, and Vasked join.
Valorous logo 25.png VAL HeinseN joins while Xowito and Ominick leave.
February 3rd
QLASH Forge logo 25.png Q4G Bean join.
OMGlogo std.png OMG Gogoing rejoins as tactical leader.
February 2nd
Team Singularity logo 25.png SNG AlphaCloud, Milf Police, Mikmer, Unpredicted, Asker, Croxyyy, Wallx, Fittle and iZact join while Gagai leaves.
Sangal Esports logo 25.png SGE Wambo, Phalo, Bendix, Eberkazak and Jae join while qLuon joins as assistant coach. Dayaa and Giannis leave.
Bastille Legacy logo 25.png BTL JeanDidierGnar, Asha, Decay, Seelame and Akutsune join.
February 1st
KaBuMlogo std.png KBM Hiro rejoins as head coach.
Logo std2.png DQ Keisch joins as a sub.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Skudzy, Prelude, Wolf and Jakamaka join.
M19logo std.png M19 EKKA, Blasting, and Lekcycc join, while Nagato joins as a Sub & Analyst and Vital Eight joins as Manager.
ROXlogo std.png ROX Charger, Anechek, Maxim, pooh and sidnik join.
Justlogo std.png TJ Zeph joins.
January 31st
Rogue logo 25.png Rogue Xirreth leaves coaching role.
January 30th
Logo std2.png DQ Gato Mojado, xmaikaO, Top sin tp, Hide on bronze, Trip and Porito join.
WP Gaming logo 25.png WP KZ and Scamber join, while Kalec joins as head coach and WizardKira joins as a coach.
Justlogo std.png TJ Fomko and Vethorm join.
FENlogo std.png FB Crowe leaves.
January 29th
New Dynasty logo 25.png ND Rokusho joins.
Vodafone Giants logo 25.png VGIA onetricklisa joins as an analyst.
VVTlogo std.png VS FatoNN, Remus, Dreampull, Vata, IIamowHuk and Onesh0tiq join. LeX, Dimonko, itsCortez and Hikky leave. mTruman joins as a Coach.
Justlogo std.png TJ Unho1y joins.
January 28th
Logo std2.png PGA Bgob, Grevthar, Mestre, Eradan and Nano join. MiT joins as Head Coach.
Justlogo std.png TJ WildHeart joins. Lekcycc leaves.
MnMlogo std.png MnM Conor and Shurpa join as Assistant Coach and Analyst respectively.
MVPlogo std.png MVP Iffy joins.
January 27th
CLGlogo std.png CLG FallenBandit joins from CLG Academy for Week 1 of the LCS.
New Dynasty logo 25.png ND Karim joins.
Wind and Rain logo 25.png WAR Cronan, Emendatus, Cyanisyde, Psihy and PiOK join. CastielMid and Xenex join as Coach and Assistant Coach respectively.
January 26th
CLGlogo std.png CLG Moon joins from CLG Academy for Week 1 of the LCS.
OPTlogo std.png OPT Allorim, Asta and Gate join from OpTic Gaming Academy for Week 1 of the LCS.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Zatari, Torok and Ninjaroni join as Coach, Assistant Coach and Analyst respectively.
January 25th
RWlogo std.png RW XiaoYao and Huanggai join.
Splycelogo std.png SPV Sharp joins.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Bartiono and Nutri joins.
Bulldog Esports logo 25.png Bulldog Toliam, Saizo, Kalwerd, Gould, Daejin, TheKat and Egospeed join, while Murloc joins as the head coach.
January 24th
Defusekids logo 25.png Defusekids Alois, Hades and Chapapi join, while Jigly joins as the head coach.
HKAlogo std.png HKA Crash joins.
Alpha Esports logo 25.png ALF XIAOEMO joins.
Dragon Gate Team logo 25.png DG Moonblack and FongXiang join.
January 23rd
Diabolus Esports logo 25.png DBL Kerberos, Munckizz, Kroghsen, Yusa, Hadow, Rowelly and Kiao join.
Phelan Gaming logo 25.png PHL Eragon, Moo, sof, Fredsta, Adm, BB, Achuu, Kasper and Snuggli join, while Coach Shelby joins as head coach.
Riddlelogo std.png RID WildArcane, Reflect, Kakoshi and PRMK join.
Enclave Gaming logo 25.png ENC Governor, Wysek, Warszi, Kehvo, Raizins, Praevius and Aethér join, while ItsMans joins as head coach and Wise Traveller joins as an analyst.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Kruimel and Artorias join.
MnMlogo std.png MnM Mumus, Noltey, Chibs, Monk and Shogun join.
V3 Esports logo25.png V3 Masyo joins.
January 22nd
SK Primelogo std.png SK Prime Jenax and Sacre join, while Brokenshard joins as Head Coach.
Furious Academy logo 25.png FGA Peiuca, Syuchan, F3nix, Shales, Jara, Gastruks and Srynotsry join.
Penta 1860 logo 25.png P1860 Penta Sports teams up with football club TSV 1860 Munich. Team Penta 1860 is created. Navio, Hero, Kenzuke, Barcode and Lion join, while Marhoder joins as head coach.
January 21st
Havan Liberty logo 25.png Havan Shu joins as assistant coach.
Movistar Riders logo 25.png MRS Dinep leaves.
UOLlogo std.png UOL Rift, Skude, sLiM5h4dY, Reje and Dreamer Ace join, while Vamir joins as head coach and LagsAlot joins as an analyst.
MSF.Alogo std.png MSF.A Neon, DanDan, Hiiva and Obsess join. Valkrin joins as head coach.
Gamers Origin logo 25.png GO Obsess leaves.
Valorous logo 25.png VAL Schmerz joins as head coach, while Howlin joins as strategic coach.
VITlogo std.png V.Bee xani and Gevous join as coaches.
GentSide logo 25.png GEC xani leaves.
Sector One Academy logo 25.png S1A Psclly, Izoyu, Boohon, Slyv3r, and Woong join.
Barrage Esports logo 25.png BRG Skudzy joins.
ToxicFalcons eSports logo 25.png TFE Soulah leaves.
Royal Penguins logo 25.png RYP Schmerz leaves.
January 20th
Berlin International Gaming logo 25.png BIG SirNukesAlot, ZaZee, Carzzy and WhiteKnight join. Jenax leaves.
UOLlogo std.png UOL WhiteKnight leaves.
Winnerslogo std.png WNS Croco joins. inSec leaves.
LGDlogo std.png LGD Aris joins.
BRIONCompany logo 25.png BRION Cookie joins. HighDin, Start and bbangje leave.
LCKlogo std.png KR MaRin retires.
January 19th
Vikingekrig Esports logo 25.png Vikingekrig Gaax joins.
Tempered Fate logo 25.png TF Garih joins as head coach.
Black Lion logo 25.png BL Tython joins as head coach.
Valhalla Vikings logo 25.png VHV King Loko joins.
January 18th
UCH eSports logo 25.png UCH Rakyl and Destiny join.
CdRlogo std.png CDR Sunblast, Neylan, Lhazurt, Tsunami and Alfred join, while LaGrange joins as head coach, Neoz joins as strategic coach and Pointless Bot joins as analyst.
Thunder Awaken logo 25.png TA Lhazurt leaves.
Undead Gaming logo 25.png UND Hazard, Volcanic, Krim, TomnaM and Sonyky join while wardz and KinG leave.
RNGlogo std.png RNG Tianci joins.
Team GamerLegion logo 25.png GL SevenArmy joins.
Gamers Origin logo 25.png GO Smittyj, Pride and Tonerre join.
January 17th
Indictive Esports logo 25.png IN Decak, Ippon, Chosii, Trenie, SuperAZE, Jaqen, Czaru and Demoncior join, while Shibby joins as head coach.
Feintlogo std.png FNT Pandulce, Kazetha, Kurckoo, Apokalipse, Zal and Zeller join.
Solary logo 25.png SLY Manaty and Hantera joins.
January 16th
Origenlogo std.png OGBCN Szygenda, Zanzarah, Roison, Venzer, Homi and Speedy join, while AoD joins as head coach and Xavis joins as team manager.
LDLClogo std.png LDLC Bando, Djoko and Steeelback join.
X6logo std.png x6 Brosak, Eren, Sanchez and Rafa join.
Ad Hoc Gaming logo 25.png Ad Hoc Hjarnan joins.
G2 Heretics logo 25.png G2H Wardain, Lamabear, Xico, XDSMILEY and Skain joins.
January 15th
G2 Heretics logo 25.png G2H G2 Heretics is oficially announced. Sharkz join as Head Coach. Aagie join as Analyst.
Rogue logo 25.png Rogue Xirreth joins as a Behavioral & Mental Coach.
Axiz logo 25.png AXZ iSeNN, uinyan, Day1, ThintoN and NoA join. Ha Jaepil joins as Head Coach while Ping9 joins as a coach.
AAalogo std.png aAa Fraid, Karimkt, Cdric, Dreamsu and Hyôrai joins.
January 14th
MAD Lions E.C. logo 25.png MAD Yoppa, bluerzor, Pretty and Samux join while Moopz joins as head coach.
MEGA Esports logo 25.png MG Lloyd joins as ADC.
Splycelogo std.png SPV Splyce Vipers is announced. Orome, Tierwulf, Hatrixx, Freeze and Prime joins. Zen join as Head Coach.
ESGlogo std.png ESG Satorius joins.
Uppercut Esports logo 25.png UP Founder Mrelic passes away.
January 13th
ISGlogo std.png ISGA Scrappy, Toxic, Comestible, Kimi and Nekhazten join, while Zurditw joins as assistant coach and Wombat joins as head coach.
NOClogo std.png NOC NaFT, Gankkkk, Snaker and Scryers join, while MDGaston joins as head coach. SryNotSry, Fresco, Snoou, Fenha and Inter leave.
EDGlogo std.png EDG Mole joins.
Östersunds FK Esports logo 25.png OFK Efias leaves.
AHQLogo std.png ahq Alex joins.
FPXlogo std.png FPX Alex leaves.
January 12th
IHGlogo std.png IHG Raven, Crazy, Kashtelan and Puki style join, while mori joins as team manager. Behave leaves.
Wisła Płock eSports logo 25.png WPE Raven leaves.
LDLClogo std.png LDLC Crazy leaves.
Valhalla Vikings logo 25.png VHV MeLikePanda, Twiizt and KRP join, while FlawLessMinds and Plepsson leave.
TSMlogo std.png TSM Akaadian joins from TSM Academy due to Grig's health issue.
TSM.Alogo std.png TSM.A Fanatiik joins.
January 11th
ACTINA PACT logo 25.png PCT Ravioli Ravioli acquired: Gricek, vvarion, Dawidsonek, Lewus and Syrpy join, while xHarleen joins as head coach.
K1cklogo std.png K1CK InKos, Sinistro and Worst join, while Kepe leaves.
FTWlogo std.png FTW Dragon joins, while Crusher joins as head coach. Lastwolf leaves, while Pirla leaves coaching role.
Electronik Generation logo 25.png EGN Elite, Tunaraz and Nuance join, while Johnarnau and Worst leave.
OP innogy eSport logo 25.png OP Rulfchen, Glowing, Kxng and Kaseko join, while Julez joins as manager.
PRIDE (Poland) logo 25.png PRD Konektiv, Rybson, Rektiv, defles and trymbi join.
Akademia logo 25.png Akademia Rybson leaves.
MnMlogo std.png MnM defles leaves.
XTEN Esports logo 25.png XTN MX Guardian, Arrrmando, Monsieur, CaritaTriste, Crecre and Grimm join, while Rohclem joins as head coach.
GuPGlogo std.png uP Afcl, Fake, Silvestre, Kirian and Sun join. Kooshi, Demo, and Slayer leave, while Crusher steps down as a coach.
GRElogo std.png GRE Sveronis, Frost, Tanacce, WildPanda and Pun1sher join.
GameSpace Esports logo 25.png GS Sveronis and Tanacce leave.
Vodafone Giants logo 25.png VGIA Milica and Deadly join, while MoSiTing joins as head coach.
Crvena Zvezda logo 25.png CZV Quinncidence and Behave join.
X25 Esports logo 25.png X25 Fallen Angel, WildPanda and Pl0x join, while Feanor joins as head coach. Freezy and EdinPriqtel leave.
AFslogo std.png AFs Brook, Ssol and SSUN become inactive.
January 10th
IDomina eSport logo 25.png iD Curator, Aki, Chuckissimo and KaLuGG joins.
Outplayed logo 25.png OP Skar, DahVys, DrMatt, Chrisberg, Numen, Feint and Gamagotchi join.
MOBA ROG logo 25.png MOG Zvene, Outlandisch, Lazuriel, Sabbath and Crocomux join.
Dragon Army logo25.png DA Atom, Stefan, Paranoia, Kinzu and Skash join while Jamespeke joins as manager. ekka, Pooh, and SaDJesteRRR leave.
Justlogo std.png TJ Kinzu leaves.
GLKlogo std.png GLK Luger joins
MVPlogo std.png MVP Beware, Neulbo and Syu join.
Cream Esports logo 25.png CRM Lesmart joins.
January 9th
ES Sharks logo 25.png ESS GuGer joins while Seng min and Way leave.
G2logo std.png G2 Thebausffs joins while Sacre leaves.
Bbqlogo std.png bbq Deus joins.
HAFlogo std.png HAF iBreak, Baws, LukasNegro, Gambite and Gatocrack joins. Charizardo joins as Head Coach.
Cyberground Gaming logo 25.png CGG Dzondzy joins.
January 8th
V3 Esports logo25.png V3 Zerost, Paz, viviD, Neo, Recap, Ace and RayFarky join. HW4NG joins as a coach. Geki joins as a manager.
QLASH Forge logo 25.png Q4G Beansu, Demon, MakeitBetter, Guilty, Click, Gabbo, Cohle and Gotrek joins.
Racoon logo 25.png RCN ForsakenChina, S1D, Flippers and Jivril joins. JudasMan joins as Analyst.
Sparks Esports logo 25.png SPK Acidy and Rawbin joins.
Liquid Alogo std.png TLA Jenkins and Matt join.
LMSlogo std.png TW Westdoor and Albis retire.
Movistar Riders logo 25.png MRS IceBeasto, TynX, Sebekx, Nixerino, Anthrax and Miniduke join, while Hatrixx leaves.
Sølvkikkert Esports logo 25.png Sølvkikkert Majd, xPriskornet, P1noy, Sleeping and Quixeth join.
January 7th
Morning Stars logo 25.png SMS Acefos, Kamil, Vrow, Namex, Simpy, TuTu and Unbannedx joins.
S04logo std.png S04 Acad Ventair, Lurox, Sertuss, Sedrion, and Bravado join.
Valhalla Vikings logo 25.png VHV Bravado leaves.
ESGlogo std.png ESG Ventair leaves.
KIYFlogo std.png KIYF labrov leaves.
Blanklogo std.png none Efias and Unforgiven join, while MrBaneBlade joins as head coach. Namex leaves.
Fnatic Academy logo 25.png FNC.A Shikari, Dan, MagiFelix, xMatty, and Prosfair join, while Jandro joins as head coach.
January 6th
Blanklogo std.png none JeFF joins.
KZlogo std.png KZ Naehyun joins.
ES Sharks logo 25.png ESS Naehyun leaves.
ASUS Elogo std.png ASUS Bruno, DoubleAim, Lukezy and Limit rejoin.
BSlogo std.png BUR Academy Raven joins as Head Coach.
January 5th
Berlin International Gaming logo 25.png BIG NilleNalley leaves.
Giantslogo std.png GIA Targamas leaves.
USGlogo std.png USG Dasher, apaMEN, Arumik and Keymaker join.
January 4th
MEGA Esports logo 25.png MG C0ldenfeet leaves.
EMKlogo std.png EMZ Jairo and Emi join the coaching staff while Higure leaves.
Kliktech logo 25.png KT Darkrai, John, Mistrial, GoldenTo4st and The Fallen Angel leave.
January 3rd
Bring It On logo 25.png BIO Zoa and Larian joins.
Mad Lions E.C. Mexico logo 25.png MLM Fas, Gobely, Mataz, Mayhem, Tlacua and Tyr join.
UCH eSports logo 25.png UCH Instinct joins.
MEGA Esports logo 25.png MG Coldenfeet leaves.
Fnaticlogo std.png FNC YoungBuck becomes head coach. Careion becomes team director. Mephisto joins as assistant coach. Gegemont joins as head analyst.
ROG Slogo std.png ROG Mephisto leaves.
CHFlogo std.png CHF Volt joins as head coach.
Dire Cubs logo 25.png DC Volt leaves.
January 2nd
IHGlogo std.png IHG IceBeasto leaves.
SKlogo std.png SK Scarface leaves.
Blanklogo std.png none Kalwerd leaves.
Penguins logo 25.png PGM Aziado, Baca, Cboy, and StormFury join.
GuPGlogo std.png uP Aziado and Baca leave.
January 1st
Vegalogo std.png VEG AHaHaCiK, BOSS, Gadget, Nomanz and SaNTaS join.
Dragon Army logo25.png DA AHaHaCiK and BOSS leave.
M19logo std.png M19 Nomanz and SaNTaS leave.
ES Sharks logo 25.png ESS Kuzan joins.
UCH eSports logo 25.png UCH Pride joins.
EVVlogo std.png EVV Pride leaves.