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Team Legion (North American Team)
Team Information
LocationUnited States

Team Legion is an American eSports organization, originally founded on October 8, 2011 with a Starcraft 2 team. In March of 2012, Team Legion entered the League of Legends scene after acquiring RFLX Gaming.


Merger with RFLX Gaming

After starting in the eSports scene with a StarCraft 2 team, Team Legion expanded into the League of Legends competitive on March 19, 2012, through the merger with RFLX Gaming. With this merger, Team Legion acquired PR0LLY, Lautemortis, Demunlul, iNoobish, and Arcknight14. [1] On April 2nd, Arcknight14 parted ways from Team Legion. With the departure of Arcknight14, Team Legion acquired Cruzerthebruzer to become their new top lane player.

Team Legion would participate in the IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown on August 11th of 2012. Considered the underdogs of the tournament, Team Legion would shock many spectators of the event by defeating mTw North America 2-1 in the first round of the event. Advancing to the next round, Team Legion would continue their dominant performance by defeating the Chinese powerhouse Team WE 2-1 to break through to the winner's bracket final. Unfortunately for Legion, Team SoloMid would sweep Team Legion 2-0, dropping the rising North American team to face off against Curse Gaming in the loser's bracket final. Despite a strong showing, Team Legion would be unable to defeating Curse Gaming, falling to them in an extremely close best of three. Team Legion would end the event with a third place finish.

Team Legion announced their disbandment on October 12th, 2012.[2]


  • 2012
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Player Roster

  • Former
  • Temporary Stubs


  • Former
Real Name IGN Position New Team
 USA  Diego Bodart (Cappy)     [[]]      Investor/Manager    None
 USA  (Miss Whiskers)     [[]]      Manager    Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM
 USA  John Lankford (Reaper)     [[]]      Manager    Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM


  • 2012
2012 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2012-08-31 5-8th WCS 2015 small.png Regional Finals Season 2 Seattle 1 : 2 CLG Primelogo std.png CLGP $ 10,000 DemunluliNoobishLautemortisPR0LLYCruzer
2012-08-25 7-8th MLG-Logo-Small.png MLG 2012 Summer Championship 0 : 2 CLG Blacklogo std.png CLG B - DemunluliNoobishLautemortisPR0LLYCruzer
2012-08-12 Bronze.png Ipllogo small.png IPL Face Off: San Francisco Showdown 1 : 2 Team Curselogo std.png CRS $ 5,000 DemunluliNoobishLautemortisCruzerWildTurtle
2012-06-03 5-8th Reign of Gaming International Invitational logo small.png ROG International Invitational 0 : 2 Team SoloMidlogo std.png TSM - CruzerthebruzerLautemortisPR0LLYDemunluliNoobishFreak3r
2012-04-01 9-16th Leaguecraft ggClassic logo 25.png Leaguecraft ggClassic 1 : 2 4notlogo std.png 4Not.Fire - ArcknightLautemortispr0llyDemunluliNoobish




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