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Team Ice
Team Ice 2015 logo.png
Team Information

Team Ice is the name given to one of the two All-Star teams in 2014 and 2015.


Formed out of international fan favorites from all five major leagues, Team Icelogo std.png Team Ice looks to dominate opponents Team Firelogo std.png Team Fire in the 2014 All-Star Challenge. Will Team Icelogo std.png Team Ice shatter Team Firelogo std.png Team Fire before their flame grows too hot to handle?

All-Star Paris 2014

Team WE's CaoMei is unable to participate All-Star 2014 after Day 1 due to his father passing away. OMG's Cool takes over his position from Day 2 for the rest of the event.

All-Star Los Angeles 2015

EU LCS All-Star

ID Name Role 2015 Team
xPeke withdrew on November 29th to focus on other commitments.[1] Febiven of Fnatic was first alternate, but Froggen becomes EU LCS starting mid-laner due to the 'max 2 players per team' rule.[2]

LPL All-Star

ID Name Role 2015 Team

IWC (SLTV) All-Star

ID Name Role 2015 Team
Russia Smurf Dmitri Ivanov Top Hard Randomlogo std.png Hard Random

All-Star Barcelona 2016

LPL All-Stars

ID Name Role 2016 Team

EU LCS All-Stars

ID Name Role 2016 Team
Mithy replaces YellOwStaR, who decided not to attend for personal reasons.[3]

LMS All-Stars

ID Name Role 2016 Team

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