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Team Green Forest was a North American team based out of Ventura, California. Green Forest is a gaming cafe that held tryouts for local players to form a League of Legends team of their own. In addition to their League of Legends squad, Team Green Forest also sponsored players for StarCraft 2. The owners of the cafe are Sean Shim and his brother Chris Shim. The MSI Battlegrounds Tournament was held at the Green Forest Cafe on May 12th and it ended on May 13th, 2012. The tournament featured League of Legends and Starcraft II.


Team Green Forest Cafe Tryouts

On July of 2011, Green Forest Cafe held tryouts for local players to form a League of Legends team. The players to make it through the try outs and form the initial roster of Team Green Forest include Keun, Swift, Koala, Maedi, and Jash71. Not long after the formation of the team, Jash71 was replaced by Pinkuu in the month of July.

Early Success

While practicing and training, top lane player Maedi dropped out of the team, being replaced by Freddy in November. A month later, Team Green Forest participated in their first League of Legends competition, placing first two weeks in a row in the ESL Go4LoL 2011 December Cup. Despite showing a strong start, Team Green Forest would fall to RFLX Gaming in the quarterfinals of the Go4LoL 2011 Monthly Finals 1-0, removing the chance of them competing for the first place position, knocking them down to play against Choppa In Da Car for third place where they lost 1-0.

Season 2

On February of 2012, Freddy decided to part ways with Team Green Forest. A month after the loss of Freddy, TGF picks up Liquidity as their new AD Carry, having Keun switch from AD Carry to top laner. With their new line up, Team Green Forest was able to place first once again in the 56th Go4LoL Cup. Unfortunately, on May of 2012, long time TGF member Swift decided to leave the team. Despite losing one of the founding members of Team Green Forest, they pressed forward, having Sinisteroo sub in for them as AP Carry for the 2012 Major League Gaming Spring Championship. Team Green Forest had a good start in MLG, sweeping Wolf Pack 2-0 in the first round, but would quickly fall the North American powerhouse Team Dignitas 0-2 in the second round, knocking them down to the losers bracket where they would be ultimately eliminated by top European competitors Curse Gaming EU 0-2.

Season 3

On September of 2013, Team Green Forest reformed under new team leader, SaltyKai. They debuted at Go4LoL Cup #129 but fell to ZeBopSquad in the Round of 16. In their next appearance, Team Green Forest managed to take fourth place at the Go4LoL Cup #133. After reaching 11th on the NA Ranked 5v5 ladder, they participated in the North American Season 4 Promotion Tournament Qualifier. However, they were knocked out in the first round by Gold Gaming LA 0-1.





  • September, Team Green Forest reforms with new roster. [2]
  • September 29th, 4th Place Go4LoL Cup #133.
  • ??? Old roster is released


Player Roster



Temporary Subs

|- |USA |Sinisteroo | |AP | |MLG 2012 - Spring Championship


|- |USA | Purpleforest |Sean Shim |align=center|Team Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-06-07 CS NA logo.png A55 - 8th 2014 NA Challenger Series Summer #1 0 : 2 Team Coastlogo std.png Team Coast $ 1,250

In Monthly Tournaments
Date Event Result Winnings
2012-04 Silver.png ESL Go4LoL April Monthly Finals 0 : 1 Kevin Is A Noob
In Weekly Tournaments
Date Event Result Winnings
2012-04-01 size=24px Go4LoL Cup #56 1 : 0 Orbit Gaming $ 200
2011-12-18 size=24px Go4LoL Cup #41 1 : 0 High Risk No Reward $ 200
2011-12-11 size=24px Go4LoL Cup #40 1 : 0 Team Legion $ 200

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