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Team Genesis
Team Genesislogo square.png
Team Information
Location: Brazil Brazil
Coaches: Vinicius "Mortal" Romualdo
Team Captain: Diogo "Shini" Rogê
Facebook: Team Genesis

Team Genesis is a Brazilian team, created in 2016 to compete in the Brazilian Challenger Circuit.


After g3nerationX ended its LoL operations, the organization gave its BRCC spot to Shini, which was one of its former players and a friend of g3x's owner. Shini formed a team along with former players from other teams, creating Team Genesis.



Player Roster


  • FitzRoy, Top. Nationality: br.Residency: BR.
  • Shini, Jungle.
  • Rivabene, Mid. Nationality: br.Residency: BR.
  • Absolut, AD. Nationality: br.Residency: BR.
  • BocaJR, Support.
  • Julioavg, AD. Nationality: br.Residency: BR.
  • Denola, Support. Nationality: br.Residency: BR.


|- |Brazil | Mortal |Vinicius Romualdo |Coach

Team Achievements

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-07-16 A22nd BRCC 2016 Winter Playoffs 0 : 3 Remo Brave e-Sportslogo std.png Remo Brave e-Sports R$ 3,500

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