Statikk Shiv

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Statikk Shiv
Statikk Shiv.png
Effects:+35% Attack Speed
+30% Critical Strike Chance
+5% Movement Speed
Passive:Moving and attacking will make an attack Energized
Shiv Lighting: Grants Static Charges upon moving or attacking. At 100 Charges, basic attacking expends all Charges to deal 50~120 bonus magic damage (based on level) to up to 5 targets on hit (deals +120% bonus damage to minions and can critically strike).
Cost:2,600g (550g)
Sell Value:1,750g

Statikk Shiv.png
Kircheis Shard.png

Statikk Shiv is a Legendary Tier item that was introduced in the v1.0.0.152 patch.


  • Statikk Shiv can be used very effectively when pushing lanes significantly increasing the rate at which the minions are killed because of the passive.
  • Certain Marksmen may choose to pick this item over the traditional Phantom Dancer because it can provide the team with some poke from the passive.
  • It synergises well with champions like  Master Yi and  Shaco because the passive works well when killing minions.
  • As the passive is an on-hit effect it works on abilities like  Gangplank's Parrrley.


  1. Attack > Attack Speed
  2. Attack > Critical Strike
  3. Movement > Other Movement

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Patch History


Damage up.

With Rapid Firecannon's damage decreasing, Statikk Shiv's damage is going up to really push it as the one you get when you're looking to burst. Important reminder: Shiv's damage can crit (while RFC's cannot), meaning that in a heavy crit build, Shiv's ability to lay the smackdown on a close-knit group of units is nothing to sneeze at.

DAMAGE : 30 - 100 50 - 120

More damage to minions.

While trying to keep the relative balance between Zeal's upgrades, we decided Shiv was lagging behind as a waveclear option. No longer!


Zeal and all of its items cost more.

We don’t want to delay marksmen from participating in the game for too long, but their ‘1.5 item power spike’ is presently pushing them over the edge. Zeal’s newfound cost-efficiency is one of the culprits of this early-midgame bump, so we’re taking a little off the top to keep the pacing and power-growth of marksmen one that all can keep up with.

ALL THE WAY DOWN : Total costs of all items building out of Zeal are also increased by 100

Damage from Kircheis Shard, Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon no longer stack (effects still do).

As sweet as it is to chain-lightning from a million range, it’s clear that the damage from that combination is too high for the safety. We’re keeping the ability for you to stack the effects (because long-range lightning is awesome), but it’ll only take the highest damage of your combined effects to reduce their surprise burst potential.

CHOOSE IT OR LOSE IT : Now chooses the greatest damage of your Energized attacks for the first target hit, rather than all the damage.

Damage vs champions decreased.

One half of the potent Shiv + Firecannon powercouple, we're toning down Shiv's overall damage against champions to keep it strong when pushing, but less of a power-spike when compared to Zeal's other upgrades.

MAGIC DAMAGE : 50-150 at levels 1-18 30-100 at levels 1-18


TOTAL cost : 2500 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Zeal + Kircheis Shard + 550 gold
ATTACK speed : 40% 35%
CRITICAL STRIKE chance : 20% 30%
MOVEMENT speed : 6% 5%
SHIV MAGIC damage : 100 50-150 (at level 18)
NEW LIGHTNING ROD : Now deals 50% bonus damage to minions


  • PASSIVE CRIT :: Passive now only critically strikes when the associated attack critically strikes


  • Passive is no longer consumed when attacking wards


  • Statikk Shiv added
    • +40% Attack Speed
    • +20% Critical Strike Chance
    • +6% Movement Speed
    • Unique Passive: Moving and attacking build Static Charges. At 100 Charges, your next attack expends the Charges to deal 100 magic damage to up to 4 targets. This damage can critically strike.
    • Cost: 2,500 (525)
    • Builds from Zeal and Avarice Blade

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