Spirit of the Elder Lizard

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Spirit of the Elder Lizard
Spirit of the Elder Lizard.png
Effects:+30 Attack Damage
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Passive:Unique - Incinerate: Deals 16-50 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds on dealing physical damage.
Unique - Butcher: Damage dealt to monsters increased by 20% and restore 6% of damage dealt to monsters as Health and 3% as Mana.
Unique - Conservation: Upon killing a large or epic monster, grants up to 40 bonus gold, based on the last time Conservation triggered.
Cost:2,000g (580g)
Sell Value:800g

Spirit of the Elder Lizard.png
Spirit Stone.png
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Spirit of the Elder Lizard was a Legendary Tier item that was introduced in the v1.0.0.152 patch.


  • Not as exclusively built on junglers as much as the other Spirit items because the passive provides some strong damage which can be beneficial to laners such as  Ezreal and  Gangplank.
  • Can be built by mid laners that rotate from the mid lane after a wave to clear the wraith camp, returning to the mid lane for one wave and heading to the wolves repeatedly for extra gold gain. However, this reduces the farm of a dedicated jungler and should only be done in premades.


  1. Attack > Attack Damage
  2. Magic > Cooldown Reduction

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Patch History

  • Item removed.

"We're a little concerned that Spirit of the Elder Lizard is skewing the landscape of the early jungle toward high damage champions who sustain (and thrive) thanks to their offensive prowess. We're still keeping a close eye on Elder Lizard, but are moving conservatively in the meantime."


“We like the changes we made to the Spirit Stone line in patch 4.1, so these are just some general tweaks to promote a wider variety of junglers.”

  • BUTCHER PASSIVE HEALTH RESTORE: 8% damage dealt ⇒ 6% damage dealt
  • BUTCHER PASSIVE MANA RESTORE: 4% damage dealt ⇒ 3% damage dealt
  • BUTCHER PASSIVE UTILITY: Health / Mana restore no longer halved for area-effect spells


  • Now gives 8% of damage dealt to monsters as health and 4% as mana (half effect for area of effect spells)
  • No longer has health or mana regen


  • Now has Conservation passive (instead of Bounty Hunter passive)


  • Attack Damage reduced to 30 (from 35)
  • Incinerate passive now procs on physical damage, damage increased to 16-50 (from 7-40)
  • UNIQUE Passive – Bounty Hunter: Champion kills, assists and epic monsters grant 40 gold and large monsters grant 10 bonus Gold.


  • Fixed a bug causing the item to deal less damage than intended


  • Attack Damage reduced to 35 from 45
  • UNIQUE Passive - Butcher
    • Damage bonus to monsters increased to 30% from 25%

v3.05 Balance Update


  • UNIQUE Passive damage reduced to 6-40 over 3 seconds from 14-50


  • Incinerate damage reduced to 14-50 over 3 seconds from 15-66


  • Now grants +10% cooldown reduction

v1.0.0.152 Spirit of the Elder Lizard added

  • Builds form Spirit Stone and Pickaxe
  • +50 Attack Damage
  • +14 Health Regen per 5 seconds
  • +7 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
  • Unique Passive - Butcher: Damage dealt to monsters is increased by 25%
  • Unique Passive - Incinerate: Basic attacks and non-periodic spell damage burn the target for 15-66 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds.
  • Cost: 2,400 (725)

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