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CLAS 2015 Opening Cup Playoffs

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{{2015 CLS Tabs|Opening Playoffs=1}}
{{league_info|name=2015 CLS Opening Cup Playoffs
|image=Copa LatinAm logo.png
|organizer=[ Riot Games]
|country=|region=LatAmLatin America
|prizepool=USD 12,500
|format=|date=|sdate= 2015-03-23|edate= 2015-04-01|webwebsite=
|previous=[[CLAS 2015 Opening Cup|2015 Opening Split]]
|future=[[CLAS 2015 Closing Cup|2015 Closing Split]]
|1stream=klg[ Riot Games Latino]|2=fg|3=lk|4=ben}}{{TOCRight}}== Format ==
*Single elimination with a Third Place match.
* Winner of playoffs will fight [[2015 LLN Opening Cup Playoffs|LAN Winner]] for a spot in the [[2015 International Wild Card Invitational]].
*All matches will be Best of Fives
== Participants ==
|player3=El Reginaldo|flag3=ar|role3=m
== View Games ==* [ Riot Games Latino] === Schedule & VoDs ===
{{GameSchedule5 GameSchedule|round=Semifinals|team1=FG |team2=BEN |t1score=3 |t2score=1 |winner=1 |date=2015-03-23 |PST=15:00 |dst=spring |shownname=LAC OC 2015 LAS Finals |vod1= |vod2= |vod3= |vod4= |vod5= |start=1 |hide=false }}{{GameSchedule5 GameSchedule|round=Semifinals|team1=KLG |team2=LK |t1score=3 |t2score=0 |winner=1 |date=2015-03-25 |PST=15:00 |dst=spring |shownname=LAC OC 2015 LAS Finals |vod1= |vod2= |vod3= |vod4= |vod5= |end=1}}
{{GameSchedule5 GameSchedule|round=Finals|team1=FG |team2=KLG |t1score=1 |t2score=3 |winner=2 |date=2015-03-30 |PST=15:00 |dst=yes |shownname=LAC OC 2015 LAS Finals |vod1= |vod2= |vod3= |vod4= |vod5= |start=1 |hide=false }}{{GameSchedule5 GameSchedule|round=3rd/4th|team1=Ben |team2=LK |t1score=0 |t2score=2 |winner=2 |date=2015-04-01 |PST=15:00 |dst=yes |shownname=LAC OC 2015 LAS Finals |vod1= |vod2= |vod3= |vod4= |vod5= |end=1}}
==Additional Content==

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