Solomid NA Tournament Circuit Invitational 2

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Solomid NA Invitational 2
League Information
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
Prize Pool$2,000
Start Date2012-06-23
End Date2012-06-24


The SoloMid NA Invitational is the second North American tournament organized by SoloMid.Net, following their first North American invitational. The games were cast by Studio, Wombat, Dan Dinh and FourCourtJester.


  • Double Elimination
  • All matches are Best of Three

Prize Pool

2000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Team
1st $ 1,200 Team Dynamiclogo std.png Team Dynamic
2nd $ 500 Team Curselogo std.png Team Curse
3rd $ 300 Orbit Gaminglogo std.png Orbit Gaming


North America (10)
Team Green Forestlogo std.png Team Green Forest1 VVv Gaminglogo std.png vVv Gaming1
Team Legionlogo std.png Team Legion Absolute Legends NAlogo std.png Absolute Legends NA
Team Dynamiclogo std.png Team Dynamic Logo std2.png TSM.Evo
MTw North Americalogo std.png mTw North America Team Curselogo std.png Team Curse
Orbit Gaminglogo std.png Orbit Gaming 4notlogo std.png 4Not.Fire
1 Team Green Forest and vVv Gaming were originally invited, but were unable to attend.


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Team Dynamiclogo std.png TD 2
  Absolute Legends NAlogo std.png aL NA 0
  Team Dynamiclogo std.png TD 1
  MTw North Americalogo std.png mTw NA 0
  Logo std2.png TSM.Evo 1
  MTw North Americalogo std.png mTw NA 1
  Team Dynamiclogo std.png TD 2
  Team Curselogo std.png CRS 0
  Team Curselogo std.png CRS 2
  Team Legionlogo std.png LgN 1
  Team Curselogo std.png CRS 2
  Orbit Gaminglogo std.png oRb 0
  Orbit Gaminglogo std.png oRb W   Team Dynamiclogo std.png TD 1 2
  4notlogo std.png 4Not.Fire2 FF   Team Curselogo std.png CRS 2 1
Loser's bracket
  Orbit Gaminglogo std.png oRb 2
  Logo std2.png TSM.Evo1 FF
  Absolute Legends NAlogo std.png aL NA 1   Team Curselogo std.png CRS 2
  Absolute Legends NAlogo std.png aL NA W   Orbit Gaminglogo std.png oRb 2
  Orbit Gaminglogo std.png oRb 1
  Team Legionlogo std.png LgN 0
  MTw North Americalogo std.png mTw NA1 FF
  4notlogo std.png 4Not.Fire2 FF
  Team Legionlogo std.png LgN W
  Team Legionlogo std.png LgN W
1 TSM.Evo and mTw.NA were unable to finish their matches due to internet connection issues
2 4Not.Fire was scheduled to play, but did not show up to their matches

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