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SoloMid Series Week 1/Team Rosters

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SoloMid Series Week 1
League Information
OrganizerTeam SoloMid
SponsorOrigin PCs
Gunnar Optiks
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
Prize Pool$ 3,000
Start Date2012-10-19
End Date2012-10-21


The SoloMid Series is a series of six weekly tournaments followed by one grand finals where seven invited teams and one qualifying team will compete for a $ 30,000 prize pool. Each team will earn points based on the rankings of the first six tournaments with the four teams with the most points will be entered into the final tournament.


  • Double elimination bracket
  • All matches are Best of Three

Team Rosters

Team SoloMidlogo std.png Team SoloMid

ID Name Role
USA Dyrus  Marcus Hill  Top
Canada TheOddOne  Brian Wyllie  Jungle
USA Reginald  Andy Dinh  AP
Canada Chaox  Shan Huang  AD
USA Xpecial  Alex Chu  Support

Dignitaslogo std.png Dignitas

ID Name Role
Canada Crumbzz  Alberto Rengifo  Top
USA I Will Dominate  Christian Rivera  Jungle
USA scarra  William Li  AP
USA Imaqtpie  Michael Santana  AD
USA Patoy  Jordan Blackburn  Support

Team Curselogo std.png Team Curse

ID Name Role
USA Salce  Trevor Salce  Top
USA saintvicious  Brandon DiMarco  Jungle
USA Nyjacky  Jacky Wang  AP
USA Cop  David Roberson  AD
Canada Elementz  Cody Sigfusson  Support

Monomaniaclogo std.png Monomaniac Ferus

ID Name Role
USA Balls  An Le  Top
USA Xmithie  Jake Puchero  Jungle
USA mandatorycloud  Zachary Hoschar  AP
USA Aphromoo  Zaqueri Black  AD
USA Muffinqt  Jake Lowry  Support

Team Dynamiclogo std.png Team Dynamic

ID Name Role
USA ZionSpartan  Darshan Upadhyaha  Top
USA NintendudeX  Joshua Atkins  Jungle
Canada ParadoXical  Eric Lomore  AP
Canada DontMashMe  Brandon Phan  AD
Canada Pixel  David Zarinski  Support

Orbit Gaminglogo std.png Orbit Gaming

ID Name Role
USA Yazuki  Gabriel Ng  Top
USA Hai L9  Hai Lam  Jungle
USA Nientonsoh  Zach Malhas  AP
Canada WildTurtle  Jason Tran  AD
USA LemonNation  Daerek Hart  Support
USA Spellsy  Daniel Biery  Support

Meat Playgroundlogo std.png Meat Playground

ID Name Role
USA xHazzard  Michael Kuhlman  Top
USA Nk Inc  Andrew Erickson  Jungle
USA Pobelter  Eugene Park  AP
USA LighSludge    AD
Lemongod    Support
xxPhaxen    AP
FallenBandit    Top
otter    AD

CLG Primelogo std.png CLG Prime

ID Name Role
USA Voyboy  Joe Esfahani  Top
USA LiNk  Austin Shin  Jungle
Canada Bigfatlp  Michael Tang  AP
USA Zuna  Chris Buechter  AD
USA Chauster  Steve Chau  AD/Support
USA BloodWater  Lyubomir Spasov  Support
DJ LAMBO    Jungle
h4ckerv2    Jungle
USA OneBadBrad  Brad Watson  Jungle