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Background Information
NameChristopher Lee
Country of BirthUnited States
BirthdayMay 28, 1993 (1993-05-28) (age 26)
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Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Dirt Nap Gaminglogo std.png DnGApr 2012Aug 2012
Monomaniaclogo std.png mMe ImpAug 2012Oct 2012
1 Trick Ponieslogo std.png 1TPDec 2012Apr 2013
Team FeaRlogo std.png FeaRJan 2013Feb 2013
Team Vulcunlogo std.png VFeb 2013Oct 2013
40px Denial.WestJun 2013Sep 2013
Napkins in Disguiselogo std.png NiDSep 2013Nov 2013
XDG Gaminglogo std.png XDGOct 2013-
"ScubaChris" (Real Name: Christopher Lee) is a retired American League of Legends player, formerly a Jungler for XDG Gaming.


Chris started playing video games at the age of 10. The first video game he recalls playing was MegaMan X on the SNES. He was first introduced to League of Legends in high school after years of playing DotA. The game didn't really pique his interest, as he felt that the artwork was shoddy and that the ability to recall your champion was overpowered. Despite his personal impressions of the game, a few months after release, all of his friends decided to transition to playing League of Legends primarily. On his second foray into League of Legends, he decided that he would main  Shaco. Although Shaco was at one point one of his favorite champions, he has since fallen out of favor for champions such as  Lee Sin and  Elise.

ScubaChris initially stepped onto competitive League of Legends scene when he and a few of his friends decided to make a team called Just The Usual. This initial team included PawnGypsy, Loopyness, Flappy BearFish, and RagingKenny. Their roster was picked up to be the first official Dirt Nap Gaming team. After doing well for a couple of months, the team transferred organizations and ultimately disbanded due to prior commitments and personal issues. The remainder of their team was picked up by 1 Trick Ponies, which was then acquired by DoubleBuff and Denial eSports respectively before departing official organizations to become Napkins in Disguise.

Throughout much of this, ScubaChris became an official sub for the LCS team that is now known as XDG Gaming. He was continuing to sub for them while remaining an active member of Napkins in Disguise until they disbaneded in November 2013. He does however believe that this could be his last year of League of Legends, and plans to traveling for a bit while continuing his school work.


  • Favorite champion is  Lee Sin.
  • Owns a dinosaur onesie.
  • His current handle, ScubaChris, is inspired by the fictional action figure "Scuba Steve" from the movie Big Daddy.


Date Event Result
2013-08-25 ggLA Challenger Arena 3 size=24px denial 2 : 1 To Be Determinedlogo std.png To Be Determined
2013-03-24 We Will Do It Ourselves Cup Silver.png 1tp 0 : 2 Curse Academylogo std.png Curse Academy


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