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F5 Rule18.jpeg
Background Information
NameBrice Andrew Wilkerson
Country of BirthUnited States
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png United DivinityCurrent
Logo std2.png Project ChallengerCurrent
Final Fivelogo std.png F59/20143/2015

Brice "Rule18" Andrew Wilkerson was previously the support player for Final Five.


Brice "Rule18" Andrew Wilkerson is from Seattle, Washington, in the United States and currently lives there now, though he temporarily moved to Boise, Idaho for high school. His studies in school focused around business administration and finance, and he currently works in property management. Wilkerson got into gaming when his father introduced him to the original Warcraft, and he hosted LAN parties at his home.

League of Legends Career

Starting in Season 2, Rule18 played support on multiple amateur teams, including United Divinity and Project Challenger, primarily becoming known within the high-Elo community for his  Nami play after her release.

2015 Preseason

In September 2014, Rule18 joined Final Five, a team that went on to qualify via the ranked 5's ladder for the NA Spring Expansion Tournament. In the online portion of the tournament, they defeated Zenith eSports 2-1 and then CompLexity.Black 2-0 and qualified for the offline stage along with Team Fusion, Team Coast, and Curse Academy.

Going into the offline stage as underdogs, Final Five surprised by taking Team Fusion to five games, though they did ultimately lose the series, moving to the loser's bracket. There they faced Team Coast and were eliminated, this time losing 1-3.

2015 Season

Final Five's Expansion Tournament run qualified them for the NA Challenger Series Spring Season. However, after the second week of play, Rule18 was replaced by KonKwon, previously of Team Dragon Knights, on the starting roster.


  • Favorite RTS game is Homeworld 2 because of its three-dimensional combat.
  • The name "Rule18" comes from the "rules of the internet" meme from 4chan; rule 18 in that list was originally "If it can be named it can be hated," and now views his name as a commentary on human nature.




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