Ruby Sightstone

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Ruby Sightstone
Ruby Sightstone.png
Effects:+500 Health
Passive:Unique: Item Active cooldowns are reduced by 10%.
Active:Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds 4 charges and refills upon visiting the shop.
Cost:1,800g (400g)
Sell Value:640g

Ruby Sightstone.png
Ruby Crystal.png

Ruby Sightstone is a Legendary Tier item that was introduced in the v1.0.0.152 patch.


  • Allows you to place a ward for three minutes at the max of three at a time. These Wards act as normal Sight Ward. It holds five at a time and you get up to five charges when you enter the fountain.
  • Refreshing wards before heading back allows you to maximize ward times when you return to lane.
  • Can be used by  Lee Sin,  Jax, and  Katarina to ward jump over walls.
  • Assuming you place three wards every three minutes this item will pay for itself in 18 minutes.


  1. Consumables
  2. Defense > Health

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Patch History


Now gives active item cooldown reduction.

Ruby Sightstone, often seen as a minimal efficiency upgrade, now provides an important decision point for supports' endgame builds. Ruby synergizes with the Tier 3 support items (Talisman of Ascension, Face of the Mountain, or Frost Queen's Claim), as well as any future active items you might build. The tradeoff is that you've committed two of your item slots - one to vision and one to your support item. So, whether you'd like the 'extra' slot (Eyestones - see below), or the more efficient slot (Ruby) is in your hands.

TOTAL cost : 1600 gold 1800 gold
Health : 400 500
NEW Staying active : Item Active cooldowns are reduced by 10%)
WARD CHARGES : 5 wards 4 wards


  • HEALTH: 360 ⇒ 400
  • TOTAL COST: 1550 gold ⇒ 1600 gold


  • Sightstone no longer have their own restriction, but are restricted by your stealth ward cap


  • Total cost increased to 1,550 gold from 1,300
  • Health increased to 360 from 300
  • Gold reward for Ruby Sightstone wards increased to 25 from 10

v1.0.0.152 Ruby Sightstone added

  • +300 Health
  • Unique Passive - Ward Refresh: Starts with 5 charges and refills each time you visit your shop.
  • Unique Active - Ghost Ward: Consumes a charge to place an invisible ward that reveals the surrounding area for 3 minutes. You may have a maximum of 3 wards placed from this item at once.
  • Cost: 1,300 (125)
  • Builds from Sightstone and Ruby Crystal

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