NA LCS 2014 Summer Promotion

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2014 NA LCS Summer Promotion
LCS NorthAmerica Logo.png
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOffline
Event ServerNA
Start Date2014-04-26
End Date2014-04-27


The 2014 NA LCS Summer Promotion is part of the second season of North America's fully professional League of Legends league. The bottom 3 teams from the Spring Split fight for their LCS spots against the top three teams from the Challenger Series. Each LCS team chooses their opponent based on their placements at the end of the split (6th places chooses first and so on).


  • Six Teams
    • Sixth - Eighth from the 2014 NA LCS Spring Split
    • First - Third from the NA Challegner Series Playoffs
  • All matches are Best of Five
  • The winning teams qualify for the 2014 NA LCS Summer Split
    • The losing teams drop into the 2014 NA Summer Challenger Series #1

Qualifying Teams

Place Team
Q LMQlogo std.png LMQ
EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
CoL.Blacklogo std.png compLexity.Black



  Match 1
   XDGlogo std.png XDG 0
   LMQlogo std.png LMQ 3
  Match 2
   EGlogo std.png EG 3
   C9Tlogo std.png C9T 1
  Match 3
   CSTlogo std.png CST 1
   CoL.Blacklogo std.png coL.Black 3


Game Schedule
Round Match Date PDT EDT CEST KST Countdown VoDs/Stream Highlights Discussion
XDG XDGlogo std.png
vs. LMQlogo std.png LMQ
2014-04-26 12:00 15:00 21:00 04:00 -- -- -
EG EGlogo std.png
vs. C9Tlogo std.png C9T
2014-04-27 10:00 13:00 19:00 02:00 -- -- -
CST CSTlogo std.png
vs. CoL.Blacklogo std.png coL.Black
2014-04-27 15:00 18:00 00:00 07:00 -- -- -

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