Randuin's Omen

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Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen.png
Effects:+500 Health
+60 Armor
-10% Damage taken from Cristal Strikes
Passive:Cold Steel: When hit by basic attacks, reduce the enemies Attack Speed by 15% for 1 seconds.
Active:UNIQUE: Slows the Movement Speed of nearby enemy units by 35% for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown).
Cost:2900g (900g)
Sell Value:2,100g

Randuin's Omen.png
Giant's Belt.png
Warden's Mail.png
Randuin's Omen is a legendary item in League of Legends.


  • Randuin's Omen's unique passive slows both attack speed and movement speed, making it extremely useful on bruisers who might otherwise be kited by enemy carries.
  • With the added bonus of a significant slowing effect, Randuin's Omen can win teamfights against a team of heavy melee autoattackers.
  • Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, and Warden's Mail are the only items that can reduce attack speed.
  • The actual formula for the active duration is [1 + (armor + magic resistance)]/200 seconds, which means that every point of armor or magic resistance increase the duration and not just steps of 100.


  1. Defense > Health
  2. Defense > Armor

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Patch History


Cost down. Health increased.

Rounding out our talks on armor items, we're removing some of the tricky math comparisons between this, Dead Man's Plate, and Sunfire Cape, so you don't have the second guess yourself when buying this against the mythical all-marksmen, all-Infinity Edge team. So, in summary - Sunfire to push. Dead Man's to chase and engage. Randuin's to punish basic attacks and crits. But don't just take our word for it. Build what you like. Follow your dreams.

TOTAL COST : 3000 gold 2900 gold
HEALTH : 450 500


TOTAL cost : 2700 gold 3000 gold
BUILD path : Warden's Mail + Giant's Belt + 900 gold
health : 400 450

Costs less, but has less health and armor. Slow duration normalized, now reduces all critical strike damage.

Rounding out the ‘ubiquitous armor item’ trio, Randuin’s (much like Frozen Heart and Thornmail) lacks any sort of real focus when deciding why you’d want it over other items. While the stat adjustments should represent a moderate nerf to the item overall, we’re expanding its anti-basic attack theme from just slowing attack speed to ‘Oh God I’m Dying From Crits Please Help.’

TOTAL COST : 2850 gold 2700 gold
HEALTH : 500 400
ARMOR : 70 60
SLOW DURATION : 2 (+0.5% bonus armor + 0.5% bonus magic resist) seconds 4 seconds
NEW CRITICAL BLOCK : Reduces incoming critical strike damage by 10%


  • TOTAL COST : 3000 gold 2850 gold (combine cost decreased by 200 gold, inherits Warden's Mail's 50 gold cost decrease)


"WARNING: Due to a bug, this change is currently not in effect (the tooltip is simply wrong, it's still 10%). We'll be looking to hotfix this when we can and will update the patch notes accordingly. Sorry!"

"With hypercarry marksmen running rampant in the mid to late game, we're returning a little more power to Randuin's Omen to give tanky dudes better itemization choices when fighting back. "


  • "REMOVED" PASSIVE Passive Cold Steel no longer reduces attacker's movement speed
  • PASSIVE: Passive Cold Steel's attack speed reduction now 15% ⇒ 10%


  • Unique Passive - Cold Steel
    • SLOW BUG :: Fixed a bug where Annie’s Tibbers, Malzahar’s Voidlings, and Elise’s Spiderlings were not being affected by the slow


  • Passive Slow duration reduced to 1 second from 1.5
  • Cost reduced to 3000 from 3100 (combine cost unchanged)


  • Attack Speed reduction reduced to 15% from 20%


  • Now builds from Warden's Mail and Giant's Belt
  • Health increased from 350 to 500
  • Armor reduced from 75 to 70
  • No longer grants Health Regeneration or Cooldown Reduction
  • Unique Passive changed to "Cold Steel: If you are hit by a basic attack, you slow the attacker's Attack Speed by 20% and their Movement Speed by 10% for 1.5 seconds."
  • Cost increased from 3,075 (600) to 3,100 (1,000)


  • Tooltip now updates dynamically


  • Cloth Armor added to the recipe
  • Armor increased to 75 from 55
  • Total gold cost increased to 3,075 from 2,775


  • Armor reduced to 53 from 80


  • Cooldown reduction decreased to 5% from 8%


  • Armor reduced to 80 from 90
  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 8% from 15%


  • Tooltip updated to state the correct slow amount


  • Fixed a bug where the activation effect was not unique



  • Randuin's Omen added

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