Rabid Wolf

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Rabid Wolf
Rabid WolfSquare.png
Health:1030 (+130 per champion level)
Attack Damage:40
Range:125 (estimate)
Magic Resistance:0
Critical Strike Chance:25% (estimate)
Attack Speed:0.833
Movement Speed:530
Initial Spawn Time:1:40
Respawn Time:1:00
Gold Gain on Kill:75
Experience Gain on Kill:150


A Rabid Wolf is a neutral monster found on the Twisted Treeline map. It is described in-game as "An extremely fast, Dangerous monster that deals heaps of damage. Slay this monster to temporarily bless your champion, causing 20% increased damage dealt." Contrary to the Rabid Wolf's description, the Crest of Nature's Fury that it grants gives the player increased cooldown reduction and attack speed, but not and a direct increase to damage dealt.

The Rabid Wolf spawns in two locations on the map, along with two Giant Wolves. This unit has a very high critical strike chance, making it a formidable opponent. Due to its low magic resistance and the cooldown reduction component of the buff it gives, it is a good target for casters.

Rabid Wolf was removed during the Twisted Treeline remake on October 25th, 2012.