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Jan 2014 - Nov 2018
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Team ROCCAT is a European esports organization formed by German peripherals company ROCCAT. In January 2014 the company formed its first directly sponsored eSports team, when they acquired the full roster of Kiedyś Miałem Team. After competing for 5 seasons in the EU LCS, the team wasn't accepted in the franchise league for the 2019 season, and disbanded.


ROCCAT originally started by sponsoring a number of professional eSports organizations that possessed professional League of Legends teams, such as Quantic Gaming, against All authority and mortal Teamwork. However, in late 2013, ROCCAT announced their intentions to directly sponsor a professional League of Legends roster, after seeing the booming success of the competitive League.

Their eyes quickly turned to Kiedyś Miałem Team, an un-sponsored Polish group which had just qualified for the Season 4 European Championship Series after an impressive 3-0 sweep executed against the heavy favorites Ninjas in Pyjamas. The deal was finalized on January 13th, 2014, with Riot Games officially recognizing Team ROCCAT as the organization that would be competing in the European LCS. Read more...


Player Roster

  • Current
  • Former
  • Temporary Subs
Sub Role Replacing Event
South Korea Ryu Mid Laner None   IEM Season IX - Cologne  


  • Current
  • Former
  • flyy, Manager. Nationality: bg.
  • Avin, Head Analyst. Nationality: us.


  • 2014
  • 2015
2014 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2014-12-20 SF.png Esltumbnail.png IEM Season 9 Cologne 1 : 2 Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png CLG $ 3,500 OverpowJankosRyuWooliteVandeR
2014-08-16 Copper.png EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS 2014 Summer Playoffs 0 : 3 SK Gaminglogo std.png SK $ 10,000 XaxusJankosOverpowCelaverVander
2014-07-31 6th EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS 2014 Summer Split 12 - 16
Round Robin
- XaxusJankosOverpowCelaverVandeR
2014-04-17 Bronze.png EU LCS 2013 logo small.png EU LCS 2014 Spring Playoffs 2 : 0 Alliancelogo std.png A $ 15,000 XaxusJankosOverpowCelaverVandeR
2015 Tournament Results
Date Place Event Result Opponent Prize Roster
2015-08-30 Bronze.png WCS 2015 small.png EU LCS 2015 Regional Finals 2 : 3 Ordinance Gaminglogo std.png OG - SteveJankosnukeduckMrRalleZVanderYamatoCannon
2015-08-09 5-6th EU LCS logo small old.png EU LCS 2015 Summer Playoffs 2 : 3 Unicorns Of Lovelogo std.png UOL - SteveJankosnukeduckMrRalleZVanderYamatoCannon
2015-04-25 Q EU LCS logo small old.png EU LCS 2015 Summer Promotion 3 : 0 CW Academylogo std.png CWA - OverpowJankosNukeduckWooliteVandeR




  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
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