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RCTIC eSports is a Finnish eSports organization that was formed in mid 2008. RCTIC aims to support teams and players from Finland who have the talent and potential to reach the top levels of eSports.


Earlier they were known as Random Gaming which was transferred below CMAX.gg afterwards. In 2008 the team working as a management group decided to diverge from CMAX.gg and founded RCTIC eSports. Because of that, organization boosted and now they are known as being extremely lively and, more importantly, a great organization.

The year 2010 was especially rewarding since they got to experience great innovations and positive changes in their corporation. They got excellent sponsor deals and started to participate in events in Finland. They managed to find a fighting game player, who was the first player of fighting games supported financially in Finland, to join their team.


Player Roster



|- |Finland | RydeR |Joonas Järvinen |Manager

|- |Finland | LaatuLate |Lauri Laaja |Coach

Team Achievements

In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-01-12 A11st LanTrek 2014 3 : 0 Logo std2.png 4D Perhoset söivät vaatteeni € 1,750
2013-08-03 A33 - 4th Assembly Summer 2013 1 : 2 ONE FOR ONElogo std.png ONE FOR ONE € 500
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-08-03 A11st Assembly Summer 2014 2 : 1 Logo std2.png Finnair Stealths € 750
2014-07-27 A11st Go4LoL EU West Cup #204 1 : 0 Team Infusedlogo std.png Team Infused € 300
2014-07-20 A11st Go4LoL EU West Cup #203 1 : 0 Ahraz Esportslogo std.png Ahraz Esports € 300
2013-11-22 A33rd CM Storm Cup #1 0 : 2 Logo std2.png Wonder Girls Hardware
2013-11-16 A11st RCTIC LEAGUE WinterGames  ? : ? Logo std2.png ??? Hardware
2012-08-?? A22nd Assembly Summer 2012  ? : ? Logo std2.png ??? € 300

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