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FFQ QTV 2018 Summer.png
Background Information
NameNguyễn Trần Tường Vũ
Country of BirthVietnam
TeamFriends Forever
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
SAJlogo std.png SAJ4/20125/2014
FantasticFiveLogo std.png SF55/20149/2014
Miraclelogo std.png Miracle9/201410/2014
BMlogo std.png BM0/20149/2016
Friends Forever logo25.png FFQ12/2016Present
"QTV" (Real Name: Nguyễn Trần Tường Vũ) is a Vietnamese League of Legends player, currently a substitute Top Laner for Friends Forever.

Career History


Prior to playing League of Legends, QTV started his career as a DOTA player for team Masta. In August 2012, QTV joined Saigon Jokers as the starting top laner, along with Violet (jungler), NIXWATER (mid laner), Archie (AD Carry), and Junie (Support). QTV and teammates later qualified to the Season 2 World Championship after beating Singapore Sentinels in the finals of Season 2/Regional Finals - Da Nang. However, Saigon Jokers could not get far in the World Championship by taking only the 9th-10th place in the tournament. QTV's team ended the season 2 by getting the 3rd place in 2012 GPL Season 1


In Season 3, QTV didn't get any special prize as Saigon Jokers got only the 4th in both 2013 GPL Spring and 2013 GPL Summer. Although he and his teammates took part in Season 3 Southeast Asia Regional Finals, Saigon Jokers lost to Mineski (the team later went to Season 3 World Championship) and took the 3rd place.


The first tournament QTV took part in season 4 was IEM Season VIII - Singapore, where SAJ got 3-4th place after losing to CJ Entus Frost. He later got the 4th place of both 2014 GPL Winter and 2014 GPL Spring along with his teammates .

Before 2014 GPL Summer started, QTV is transfered to Saigon Fantastic Five as the starting top laner, replacing Gony who went and played in his spot in Saigon Jokers. With the addition of QTV and Optimus (the mid laner of Saigon Jokers, transfered to Saigon Fantastic Five as well), SF5 finished the tournament as the 4th place team, also qualified to the 2014 Season Garena Regional Finals. However, QTV lost the chance to go to Worlds the second time as Saigon Fantastic Five lost to ahq in the final.


Right after the end of season 4, QTV decided to leave SF5 to join with his old teammates (Archie, Junie, Gony, and Navy) in Boba Marines and compete in 2015 GPL Spring Vietnam Promotion. He later switched to mid lane to replace Navy (leaving due to lack of teamwork with others) before VCS Spring 2015

Boba Marines performed well and won VCSA 2015 Summer. However, they lost to Bangkok Titans 0-3 in the semifinal of GPL Summer 2015.


QTV remained in Boba Marines with his teammates (with the departure of Junie) and went back to Top Lane position. Marines did not have a successful season as they lost to Saigon Jokers twice in the semifinal of VCSA Spring 2016 as well as VCSA Summer 2016. Later this season, QTV teamed up with Levi, Optimus, Celebrity and RonOP and represented Southeast Asia Region after beating Thailand All-Star 3-0 in the final. The GPL All-Star won 2016 International Wildcard All-Star with an outstanding performance, especially at One For All Mode and Assassin Mode. They continued to impress the world in the One For All Match of All Star Barcelona 2016, however they lost all matches in Standard Mode.</div>


QTV decided to leave Boba Marines and formed ROG Friends, which includes him, KingJ, Heaven, Warzone, Potm, Minas, Scary, BaRoiBeo and Chichi. ROG Friends is going to compete in 2017 VCSA Spring.


  • Prior to playing League of Legends, he played on the Vietnamese DOTA team Masta.
  • Favorite champion is  Azir.
  • QTV stands for "Quách Thành Vũ", a nickname derived from his first name that he was given in the past.
  • He was known as the best Top Laner in SEA Regions before he moved to Mid Lane.
  • He is the champions of 2015 Vietnam All-stars Challenger.


Date Event Result
2016-01-21 King of SEA Round 1 Gold.png BM 3 : 0 Kanayalogo std.png Kanaya Gaming
Date Event Result
2015-08-24 2015 VCS A Summer Gold.png Boba Marines 28 : 2 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-08-09 2015 GPL Summer Copper.png Boba Marines 2 : 3 FLlogo std.png Full Louis
2015-04-06 2015 VCS A Spring Bronze.png Boba Marines 22 : 8 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2015-04-12 2015 Vietnam All-stars Challenger Gold.png QTVBMlogo std.png 1 : 0 BMlogo std.png Archie
Date Event Result
2014-09-28 ASUS Expo 2014 Silver.png miracle 1 : 2 G5.Fatelogo std.png G5 E-Sport Fate Team
2014-08-24 2014 Season Garena Regional Finals Silver.png Saigon Fantastic Five 0 : 3 AHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club
2014-08-08 2014 GPL Summer Copper.png Saigon Fantastic Five 1 : 3 Log Flogo std.png Logitech G Fighter
2014-04-06 2014 GPL Spring Copper.png saj 1 : 3 TPSlogo std.png Taipei Snipers
2014-01-09 2014 GPL Winter Copper.png saj 1 : 3 AHQLogo std.png ahq e-Sports Club
Date Event Result
2013-11-30 IEM Season VIII - Singapore SF.png saj 0 : 2 CJ Frostlogo std.png CJ Entus Frost
2013-10-05 Glorious Arena Season 4 Silver.png saj 12 : 2 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2013-09-01 Dell Invitational Cup IV Silver.png saj 1 : 2 FLlogo std.png Full Louis
2013-08-18 Season 3 Southeast Asia Regional Finals Bronze.png Saigon Jokers 0 : 1 Mineskilogo std.png Mineski
2013-08-11 2013 GPL Summer Copper.png saj 13 : 15 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2013-07-07 Dell Invitational Cup III Gold.png saj 2 : 0 BKTlogo std.png Bangkok Titans
2013-06-12 Glorious Arena Season 3 Gold.png saj 14 : 0 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2013-04-28 Dell Invitational Cup II Gold.png saj 2 : 1 SGSlogo std.png Singapore Sentinels
2013-04-21 2013 GPL Spring Copper.png saj 16 : 12 Blanklogo std.png Not found
2013-03-10 Road to Legends Copper.png saj 0 : 1 FantasticFiveLogo std.png Saigon Fantastic Five
2013-02-24 Dell Invitational Cup Gold.png saj 2 : 0 IceLanDlogo std.png IceLanD
Date Event Result
2012-11-17 2012 GPL Season 1 Bronze.png saigon jokers 0 : 2 SGSlogo std.png Singapore Sentinels
2012-09-09 Season Two South East Asian Regional Finals Gold.png saigon jokers 2 : 1 SGSlogo std.png Singapore Sentinels


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