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Leaguepedia and XDG Present: Pros Play for the Philippines
League Information
OrganizerBookTest.png Leaguepedia
Justin "Arsenals" Hampton
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
CountryUnited States USA
Start Date2013-12-03
End Date2013-12-04

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Leaguepedia and XDG Present: Pros Play for the Philippines

For those not aware, Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the Philippines causing over 3600 deaths and leaving countless more homeless and stranded. The League of Legends community has made great strides in supporting others during times of need through charities and other contributions. Leaguepedia and XDG have joined forces to organize a tournament with the goal of raising money to donate to the relief efforts in the Philippines and help those who have been devastated by the natural disasters that have stricken the country. The tournament will be held on December 3rd and 4th, and will take place over the latter half of that day.

We will be collecting donations to give to the Red Cross, and all ad revenue will be donated as well. The donation process will be through GoFundMe and we will be offering various tiers of contribution rewards, as well as giveaways of prizes.


We will be using a GOFundMe page to give all donations to the Red Cross. Leaguepedia and XDG social media will be providing updates as we get closer to the date of the tournament, so be on the look out for any more info!

Buy Tournament shirts here!

Donation Tiers

Wood Level

Bronze Level

  • $5.00
    • You will receive entry into a raffle for various Skin Codes!

Silver Level

  • $10.00
    • You will receive entry into a raffle for $10.00 RP Cards!

Gold Level

  • $25.00
    • Shout out on stream and entry into a raffle for signed apparel!

Platinum Level

  • $50.00
    • Entry into a raffle for Team Signed T-Shirts, Worlds Swag(Poro, Jacket, PFE Statue)!

Diamond Level

  • $100.00
    • Entry into a raffle for Signed Apparel and 1v1 practice with various pros!

Challenger Level

  • $250.00
    • Entry into a raffle for a trip to LA to view a weekend of games during a LCS week. Includes hotel and flight up to $1000.00. Available Worldwide!

Team Poll

You can take our Team Poll to decide who will be matched up with who for the 2v2 matches.

Note: Poll CLOSES at 5PM PST on December 2nd


Due to various restrictions, we have modified the tournament to be a volatile and exciting 2v2 tournament. In this new format, the community will have the ability to vote for their choice of 2v2 teams and the highest percentages of team combinations will be selected. The 4 teams will be split up into 2 groups of 2 that may be selected to be on the same team. Teams will be paired for team compositions as follows , Dignitas paired with XDG and C9 paired with the team of All-Stars.

Group Stage

  • Two groups of 5 (2v2) teams
  • Group A - Team A1, A2, A3, B4, B5
  • Group B - Team B1, B2, B3, A4, A5
  • Best of 1
  • In case of tie: Sudden Death Match if it is a two-way tie
  • Teams will play on each side twice. Will be picked at random

Bracket Stage

  • Single Elimination Final Bracket
  • Top two from each Group
  • Best of 3
  • Best of 5 for Grand Final
  • 1st Group A vs 2nd Group B, 2nd Group A vs 1st Group B



Winning Conditions

  • First Mid Inhib destroyed.
  • Baron Nashor killed.
  • Cannot Attack minions in other lanes.
    • If fight moves to another lane, and creeps are hit in the process this is ok.
    • Jungle minions are open for the taking.
    • Creeps hit with global ultimates will be up to the discretion of the Game Admin.|
    • If a tower goes down in a side-lane, both players on the team that gained gold will buy a pink ward to level out the gold.

Match Admins

  • Each match will have an admin assigned to it.
  • Match results must be reported to the match admin.
    • Screenshots and replays should be taken for every game.
  • In the event of a game breaking bug the match will be restarted, proof must be provided

Team Rosters


Group Stage

Group Stages Stream 1 Stream 2 Time (PST)
Game 1 B1vsB2 B3vsB4 16:00:00
Game 2 B1vsB3 B2vsB5 16:40:00
Game 3 B3vsB2 B5vsB4 17:20:00
Game 4 B2vsB4 B1vsB5 18:00:00
Game 5 B1vsB4 B3vsB5 18:40:00
Game 6 A3vsA2 A4vsA5 19:20:00
Game 7 A3vsA5 A4vsA1 20:00:00
Game 8 A5vsA1 A4vsA2 20:40:00
Game 9 A1vsA2 A3vsA4 21:20:00
Game 10 A5vsA2 A1vsA3 22:00:00

Bracket Stage


Benny Balls Cruzerthebruzer Wingsofdeathx
Xmithie Meteos Crumbzz Chaox
Mancloud Hai scarra ScubaChris
Zuna Sneaky imaqtpie Salce
BloodWater LemonNation KiWiKiD Nickwu


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