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Background Information
NameBruno Andrade
Country of BirthBrazil
TeamSantos Dexterity
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
Logo std2.png 7b eSports12/201311/2014
Dexterity Teamlogo std.png deX11/20148/2015
Santos Dexteritylogo std.png S deX8/2015Current


Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Bruno Andrade has always been a fanatic for PC games. He went to the first Lan House opened in Brazil where he played Counter Strike for the first time in 1998, from there, he knew that eSports was his future.

After joining many amateur CS teams and living eSports for 6 years, finally in 2004 he quit playing to finish his studies in administration and masters in leadership. Shortly after that, he started to run his family business, only to realise that he truly wanted to be fully immersed in eSports world.

Bruno Started playing Crossfire in 2008, but because of many problems with hacking in the competitive scene, he started looking for another game to play competitively. In 2010 he found out about League of Legends and was completely in love with it after watching the Season 1 World Championship.

Season 3

After studying the game for a while, in 2013 he met his an old friend from his Counter Strike past, Coach Mousquer, that was in League of Legends scene as well. Hearing his advices, in December, Bruno decided to coach his first team, 7b eSports.

After a number of small titles such as Go4LoL cups, the team participated in their first LAN tournament in December of 2013. At 7b, he stayed for ten months until finally moving on to form Dexterity Team. With him, he brought two of his players, prZo and Piolho.

2014 Season

On November 15th of 2014, he qualified to CBLOL Summer with Dexterity.

The team competed with the line up of 7ico, Piolho, prZo, Rellik and Anjinho after Soulsilver left after just a week.




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