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Along with the creation of Predators' league of legends division, the official roster was soon announced that would seek to compete in the qualifiers for the 2016 legends circuit. The team consisted of Snow, Acerola, Janoz, Shakeit and Wishmaster. In February 2016, under the name of Exceltec Esports, the team managed to qualify for the 2016 CDL opening after finishing fourth in the initial qualifiers. In this tournament the team would advance to the semifinals after finishing in fourth place with a record of 9-5 in the Round Robin, but in that instance would fall by 0:3 versus ZAGA Talent Gaming, leaving no chance of entering the 2016 LLN Closing Cup.

For the second semester the team qualifies again for the Circuito de Leyendas, this time under the name of Exeltec Predators. This time the team would finish first of the regular phase without having lost any series (7-2-0) and winning 16 of the 18 possible games. In the semifinals the team wins by 3:0 against the Colombian team of Dash9 Gaming, qualifying to the final where Infinity Esports would take the title after defeating the predators 3:0. However, with this result the team qualified for the Promotion & Relegation tournament, where, after beating Revenge eSports, gets a place in the top category of Latin America North (LAN) for next year.

In 2017, a roster composed by Jer0m, Fénec, Icytower, Xpng and Choisix would start his way through the 2017 LLN Opening Cup, advancing to the playoffs after finishing fourth in the group stage (5-4-5 in series). In that instance, PDS would face Lyon Gaming (2013), however could not rescue a single game of the series, falling by 0:3. The team would repeat the same performance for the 2017 LLN Closing Cup, where after finishing third in the regular phase (6-5-3 in series), would fall in the semifinals by 0:3 against their compatriots of Costa Rica, Infinity Esports. To prepare for next year's competitions, the team signs Mantarraya, Straight, Xuradel, Peluchin, Arce and Deps, releasing his old roster.

For the 2018 season, the team showed a great level during the regular phase of the 2018 LLN Opening Cup finishing in third place and qualifying to the Quarterfinals, however, in that instance would be surprisingly eliminated by 6Sense' team by 2:3. In the 2018 LLN Closing Cup, the team would finish second in the regular phase with a record of 10-4 in games, receiving its pass directly to semifinals, where it could not beat Infinity Esports, leaving no chance of qualifying for the 2018 World Championship. In October 2018, LoL Esports LAN officially announced that Predators would continue to be part of the maximum category of Latin America, obtaining a place for the Liga Latinoaméricana 2019. In December 2018 the Organization of Predators Esports decided to rename itself for the next competitive year, giving way to XTEN Esports.