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Season 2

In January of 2012, he joined his first team, World Wide Wipers with yeTz, Leko and Kalec. The team's main achievement was coming 2nd at IEM Sao Paulo. After that, he proceeded to join CNB in August. With CNB, he won the first official event from Riot in Brazil, a Showmatch between vTi and CNB, where he played alongside Anjinho. In November, prZo joined Keyd Team, though a month after that, the line up would disband.

Season 3

In January of 2013 he joined RMA e-Sports.[1] He then moved on to join Ranked Gaming in July as he tried out as a ADC for a couple of months.[2] At this time, the Brazilian scene was very troubled and teams could barely keep line ups for a semester.

2014 Season

After all of that, prZo took a break from League and would only return in July of 2014, back to the mid lane. As soon as he got back, prZo got an offer to play for 7b esports. Soon after, he was picked up by Dexterity Team along with Piolho after they were noticed due to their team's good results.

2015 Season

PrZo competed with Rellik, Piolho, 7ico and former teammate Anjinho on the Dexterity lineup in CBLOL Summer, captaining the team from the mid lane.