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The Esportspedia Player Rankings aim to illustrate and celebrate how successful League of Legends players have been throughout the years, both internationally and domestically. While these rankings don't necessarily reflect how good or skilled players are, they showcase the amount of dominance and victories they have had in their own regions as well as against other regions. Do keep in mind any rankings are subjective and won't reflect how everyone feels about some teams or views others. But we hope our rankings will give you an overview of how good some organizations have been in the LoL scene.

  • Point Distribution
  • Tiebreaker
  • How are points distributed?
    • Notes:
      • 4th place only gets points if there is no third place match.
      • Season 1 Worlds gives 100 (1st), 50 (2nd) and 25 (3rd) points.
      • MSI 2015 & 2016 gives points only to the Top 4. MSI 2017 and onwards gives points to the Top 6.
Ranking Worlds MSI Domestic Major
Domestic Minor
IEM World Championship
1st 200 pts 150 pts 50 pts 25 pts 30 pts
2nd 175 pts 125 pts 25 pts 10 pts 20 pts
3rd/4th 150 pts 100 pts 10 pts 5 pts 10 pts
5th/6th 100 pts 50 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts
7th/8th 100 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts 0 pts
  • How do tiebreakers work if players are tied?
    • If two players are tied in overall points the tie will be broken by the following rules:
      • The player with higher Worlds points is placed higher
        • The player with higher MSI points is placed higher
          • The player with higher Domestic League points is placed higher, however if they are tied in Domestic League points, if one player plays in a major region while the other one plays in a minor region, the one who plays in a major region is placed higher
            • The player with higher IEM World Championship points is placed higher
              • The player whose region has a better Regional Record against the other player's region is placed higher
                • The player that has a better head-to-head win record against the other is placed higher


RankTeamWorldsMSIIEMRegionalTotal Points
GoldRank.pngSouth Korea Mid Laner Faker775525303951725
SilverRank.pngSouth Korea Support Wolf575425302451275
BronzeRank.pngSouth Korea ADC Bang575425302351265
CopperRank.pngSouth Korea ADC PraY675125102701080
5thFrance Top Laner sOAZ625100202951040
6thChina ADC Uzi70015001851035
7thChina Jungler Clearlove5001500320970
8thSouth Korea Jungler Bengi6001250210935
9thSouth Korea Support Mata40020010325935
10thSouth Korea Top Laner Impact4001750340915
11thSouth Korea ADC Deft4501500305905
12thSouth Korea Support GorillA52512510235895
13thTaiwan Mid Laner Maple20030040325865
13thTaiwan Support SwordArt20030040325865
15thChina Jungler Mlxg35025010225835
15thChina Mid Laner Xiaohu35025010225835
17thSweden ADC Rekkles42510040265830
18thTaiwan Jungler Karsa20035040235825
19thUSA ADC Sneaky550010235795
20thFrance Support YellOwStaR35010030275755