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Background Information
NameDavid Turley
Country of BirthUnited States
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Phreak is currently working as a caster for the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) in Los Angeles, California.


Born on March 16, 1987, David "Phreak" Turley is a former professional Warcraft 3 player, and originally joined Riot Games as a community intern, being responsible for many of the early videos released by the developer, including Spotlights and Patch Previews who works for Riot Games.

After casting the Season One Championship in Sweden (a cult event, often joked as taking place in "Phreak's basement"), he moved to a more permanent role as a caster, and has been casting the NA LCS since its start in 2013. Phreak has been present at the most important tournaments in the scene, including the World Championships and the Mid-Season Invitationals.


  • Known for coining the now famous term "tons of damage" when referring to Trinity Force.
  • Very well known for his amateur dancing.
  • Infamous due to his (often) terrible - but for him hilarious - puns, often referred as "puns of damage".
  • He also makes guest appearances on the League of Legends podcast, The Dive.


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