Perfect Hex Core

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Perfect Hex Core
Perfect Hex Core.png
Effects:+10 Ability Power per level
25 Mana per level
Passive:Glorious Evolution: Viktor has reached the pinnacle of his power, upgrading Chaos Storm in addition to his basic spells.
Sell Value:Can not be sold

Perfect Hex Core.png
The Hex Core MK-2.png

Perfect Hex Core is an advanced item available in Classic and Dominion mode only to  Viktor.


Similar Items


  • The Hex Core and its three Augment upgrades along with Bonetooth Necklace are the only items to be unique to a single champion.
  • It was originally known as Augment - Death, which would caused enemies hit by Death Ray to take additional magic damage-over-time.

Patch History


Hex Core gives less AP when purchased, but more at level 18. All mana has been shifted from flat to per-level.

Viktor’s rise to prominence this season has ushered in a new era as the voice of evolution, terrorizing late-games and assisting many a wombo-combo. However, Viktor’s games have turned into an arms-race with few opposing mid-laners able to compete with the raw efficiency and wave-clear that his signature Hex Core brings to the Rift. Without downgrading Viktor too much, we’re refactoring his Hex-assisted power curve to better fit his ideals of evolution and provide opportunities for enemies to halt his rise to glory.

 Prototype Hex Core

ABILITY POWER : 3 per level (54 at lv 18) 1 per level (18 at lv 18)
NEW MANA : 10 per level (180 at lv 18)

 The Hex Core mk-1

ABILITY POWER : 20 + 4 per level (92 at lv 18) 3 per level (54 at lv 18)
MANA : 150 15 per level (270 at lv 18)

 The Hex Core mk-2

ABILITY POWER : 40 + 5 per level (130 at lv 18) 6 per level (108 at lv 18)
MANA : 300 20 per level (360 at lv 18)

 Perfect Hex Core

ABILITY POWER : 60 + 6 per level (168 at lv 18) 10 per level (180 at lv 18)
MANA : 500 25 per level (450 at lv 18)

Viktor has received a Gameplay and Texture Update, as well as a spiffy new splash! Check out the update article for all the details.

  • (Undocumented) Item reworked