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Overlord's Bloodmail

Overlord's Bloodmail
Overlord's Bloodmail.png
Effects:+800 Health
+100% Base Health Regen
Passive:Unique - Upon champion kill or assist, restores 300 Health over 5 seconds.
Cost:2,500g (900g)
Sell Value:1,719g

Overlord's Bloodmail.png
Giant's Belt.png
Crystalline Bracer.png

Overlord's Bloodmail is an Advanced tier item in League of Legends available only on Twisted Treeline and the Crystal Scar.


  • Is meant to replace Warmog's Armor on Twisted Treeline, built when health is needed.
  • Works well when your team is even or ahead thanks to the heal giving you just enough health to win a team fight.
  • Healing is affected by ignite and other healing reduction debuffs.


  1. Defense > Health
  2. Defense > Health Regen

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Patch History

"Overlord's has traditionally been a bit of a boring item - a health boost with a conditional passive. The addition of Crystalline Bracer makes it a little more enticing while smoothing out its build path."
  • RECIPE : Giant's Belt + Ruby Crystal + 1055 gold Giant's Belt + Crystalline Bracer + 900 gold
  • TOTAL COST : 2455 gold 2500 gold
  • HEALTH : 850 800
  • [NEW] HEALTH REGENERATION : +100% base health regeneration
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE : Upon champion kill or assist, restores 300 Health over 5 seconds (unchanged)


  • HEAL ON KILL OR ASSIST : 200 health over 5 seconds 300 health over 5 seconds
  • Available on the Crystal Scar


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