OLYMPUS Champions 2012-2013 Winter Qualifiers

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OLYMPUS Champions Winter 2012-2013
OGN The Champions.jpg
League Information
SponsorOLYMPUS Korea
Event TypeOffline
Event ServerKR
CountrySouth Korea South Korea


OLYMPUS Champions takes place in Seoul, South Korea starting in November 2012 and ending in early 2013. This will be OnGameNet's third major tournament after The Champions Spring and The Champions Summer. The tournament will air on OnGameNet's Korean television channel as well as an online English stream.


  • Fourteen teams split into seven groups
  • One team per group qualifies for The Champions Winter
  • All matches are best of five


Qualified Teams (7)
South Korea BBT South Korea Call South Korea Guts South Korea LEO Rook
South Korea Psw Ares South Korea Team Dry South Korea NaB
Seeded Teams (7)
South Korea MVP Blue South Korea MVP White South Korea NaJin Shield South Korea KT Rolster A
South Korea KT Rolster B South Korea CJ Entus South Korea GSG Former RoMg

First Offline Qualifiers

  Group A
 South Korea  LOLQ Tempest 0
 South Korea  Guts 2
  Group B
 South Korea  NaB 2
 South Korea  IFD 0
  Group C
 South Korea  Lunatic 1
 South Korea  Team Dry 2
  Group D
 South Korea  TOT 1
 South Korea  Call 2
  Group E
 South Korea  Mensa 0
 South Korea  LEO Rook 2
  Group F
 South Korea  Psw Ares 2
 South Korea  AMGN Gaming 0
  Group G
 South Korea  BBT W
 South Korea  Team X FF

Second Offline Qualifiers

  Group A
 South Korea  NaJin Shield 3
 South Korea  Psw Ares 0
  Group B
 South Korea  CJ Entus 3
 South Korea  NaB 0
  Group C
 South Korea  MVP White 3
 South Korea  BBT 2
  Group D
 South Korea  KT Rolster B 3
 South Korea  Call 0
  Group E
 South Korea  KT Rolster A 3
 South Korea  LEO Rook 0
  Group F
 South Korea  GSG 3
 South Korea  Guts 0
  Group G
 South Korea  MVP Blue 3
 South Korea  Team Dry 0

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