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The Eternal Nightmare
Release Date:March 15, 2011
Cost:4800 BE
880 RP
Health Regen HealthRegen Mini Icon.png :582.8 (+ 0.75)
Mana Mana Mini Icon.png :273.8 (+ 35)
Mana Regen ManaRegen Mini Icon.png :6.755 (+ 0.45)
Movespeed MovementSpeed Mini Icon.png :345
Attack Damage AttackDamage Mini Icon.png :59.208 (+ 3.1)
Attack Speed AttackSpeed Mini Icon.png :0.668 (+ 2.7%)
Range Range Mini Icon.png :125
Armor Armor Mini Icon.png :26.88 (+ 3.5)
Magic Resist MagicResist Mini Icon.png :32.1 (+ 1.25)


  • Current
  • League Judgement
Before Nocturne, people believed that dreams were figments of their imagination, meaningless images that flashed through the mind when one slept. This belief was put to the test when a rash of sleep-related incidents started afflicting summoners of the League. Some would wake up screaming, terrified and beyond consolation. Some could not fall asleep, slowly going mad as the nights ticked by. Some simply never woke up. Physicians were baffled until a Field Architect happened to pass out next to a nexus on Twisted Treeline. Witnesses said he cried out once and then stopped breathing. Immediately after, magical energy arced out from the nexus, and Nocturne appeared.

Nocturne did not take his introduction to this world kindly. He slaughtered everything he could find before summoners were able to magically confine him. After a period of intense study, League experts divined that Nocturne hunted summoners in their sleep, attacking them in a place where their magic was useless. This seemed to be his only purpose. The families of the victims demanded justice, but League officials were concerned that death might only return Nocturne to the place from which he came. They bound him to a nexus fragment, trapping him in the physical world. As punishment for his crimes, they allowed summoners to call upon Nocturne in the League matches, bending his will to the summoners he hates and creating his own personal nightmare. League scholars don't know whether he truly came from the plane of dreams, or whether there are any more like him. Some theorize that the summoning act affected summoners' subconscious minds, luring Nocturne to them in their sleep. Perhaps the most disturbing theory is that Nocturne is a person's nightmare come to life. If this is true, they wonder, who is the dreamer?

"The darkness is closing's pitch black now...but I can still see him..."

- Kelvin Ma, patient #4236

Candidate: Nocturne

Date: 11 March, 21 CLE


The Field Architect has had a long day. Surveying the grounds for signs of degradation is no small task; taking readings every five feet is essential in order to detect even the slightest disturbances in the intricate energy fields. An overlooked spike in the surrounding forces could set off a chain reaction of destruction due to the rampant use of magic on the Fields of Justice. In his own little way, he liked to think that he was saving Runeterra one checkpoint at a time. His work complete, the architect makes his way back to the summoning platform, where he passes a nexus that should have been dormant. An unbidden spark inside the nexus catches his eye. He turns to investigate only to be struck by a wild burst of energy arcing out of the nexus. The architect collapses to the floor in a heap, sprawling on the unforgiving cobblestone.

His body shrivels as a noxious trail of thick smoke pours out of his open mouth. It is shivering with life and pulsing with horrors.

It is born of nightmares.


Nocturne had drifted through the minds of humans for endless expanses of time. He beheld the faces they yearned for, absorbed the desires that coursed through their veins, and inhabited the fantasies that set their hearts ablaze. He lingered within the despicably human illusions they conjured in the narrow expanse that was their puny brains. From all of them, he consumed the magic that rippled through their souls.

Nocturne had only a moment to examine his new found physical form before a circle of robed summoners appeared around him. He knew who they were before they even revealed themselves. These were the overlords whose faces consumed each mind of every summoner whose dreams he haunted. They were the voices that drenched lesser kinds with promises of great power, and they were the hands that directed the ebb and flow of the entire world. Nocturne knew what these humans wanted, but they would not get him.

His shadowed form ghosted silently toward one of the humans, reaching out with the ethereal tendrils of his consciousness. The cloaked human spasmed as his hands rose to tear at his own head. A bloodcurdling scream ripped through the air, then choked off into silence as the human's mind collapsed into itself.

The other humans barely had a chance to react before Nocturne was on them. He reached out with his limbs as twin blades extended forth from his arms to rend human flesh from bone. The shadow darted low and slashed upwards with his blades, impaling an unfortunate summoner through the entire length of his body.

Nocturne felt a group of humans rush up from behind; for a second, his form pulsed. Darkness smothered the entire field, an oppressive blackness that breathed and sighed. Victims eternally trapped in the phantasm murmured in the summoners' ears, promising eternal torment and pleading for release. Disembodied hands clawed at the living, desperate to rip any semblance of existence away for their own keeping.

The remaining summoners lashed out, flailing against the ghastly fingers that only disappeared long enough to reappear again in greater numbers. Spell incantations decayed on their lips as the magical energies refused to heed their call. The darkness began to suffocate the humans, and they clawed at their eyes in a wild attempt to regain their sight. Devoured by terror, they didn't even sense Nocturne's approach, nor did they feel the blades that cleaved through their soft bodies and condemned their souls to an eternity in the darkness.

One summoner had stood apart from the others. He was decorated with gold chains draped over purple robes. Unaffected by the blindness and horrors, he had chosen to observe impassively as the carnage unfurled. No expression flickered over his face as the pooled blood stained the hem of his robes, nor did his visage change when the dismembered head of his former comrade bumped up against his leg.

The summoner spoke. "Impressive. I see that the eons you've spent leeching off our minds have managed to serve some purpose."

"I know who you are." Nocturne returned.

"I'm flattered." The summoner sneered. "Then you should also know that it is time you repay us for the horrors you have wrought upon our kind."

"And how do you plan to do that, human?" A monstrous howl echoed from the shadows, something akin to what those humans called a laugh.

"You are now in the world of our control. And you shall be in our service."

"You call this pitiful existence 'payment'?" A flick of Nocturne's hideous blade sent a pile of steaming entrails splattering across the ground. He readied the jagged edge for this last foolish one. "You may have conjured me into your world somehow, but all you will receive is destruction."

With a roar, Nocturne heaved himself at the summoner. His blood-soaked blade came within a razor's width of carving that aggravating smirk off the human's face. Metal circled around his wrists, clanging shut, and sent him flying backwards into a heap of metal chains.

"No. This is your reparation." The summoner's lips parted, wet with anticipation. "Welcome to the League."

The summoners whose bodies lay in a pile around him raised their heads. Their arms shot out and clamped onto Nocturne with an iron grip. They dragged him downward, forcing his physical existence into submission. Every part of him screamed out against the shackles as he involuntarily bowed to the towering head summoner. Nocturne was now in service to the League, and it was his own eternal nightmare.


PassiveUmbra BladesBanshee's Veil Grey.png
Umbra Blades.png
(Innate) Every 10 seconds, Nocturne's next attack strikes surrounding enemies for 120% of his physical damage and heals himself per target hit. Nocturne's autoattacks reduce this cooldown by 1 second.
Heal: 10 / 18 / 26 (+15% of Ability Power)

QDuskbringerBanshee's Veil.pngQuicksilver Sash.png
(Active) Nocturne sends a shadow blade in a line that deals physical damage to all enemies it passes through, leaves a Dusk Trail on its path, and causes champions who are hit to also leave a Dusk Trail when they move for 5 seconds. While on the trail, Nocturne ignores unit collision and has increased movement speed and attack damage.
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Range: 1200
Cost: 60 / 65/ 70 / 75 / 80 mana
Physical Damage: 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240
(+75% of bonus Attack Damage)
Movement Speed Bonus: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35%
Attack Damage Bonus: 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55

WShroud of DarknessBanshee's Veil Grey.png
Shroud of Darkness.png
(Passive) Nocturne empowers his blades, permanently gaining attack speed.

(Active) Nocturne creates a magical shield for 1.5 seconds which can block the next enemy spell that hits him. If an ability is blocked by the shield, his passive attack speed is doubled for 5 seconds.
Cost: 50 mana
Attack Speed Bonus: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%
Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 seconds

EUnspeakable HorrorBanshee's Veil Partly.pngCleanseQss.png
Unspeakable Horror.png
(Passive) Nocturne gains massively increased movement speed when moving toward feared targets.
(Active) Nocturne plants a nightmare into his target's mind, dealing magic damage over 2 seconds and placing a leash on the target for the duration. If Nocturne stays within leash range of the target for the full duration, the target becomes feared.
Range: 425
Leash Range: 465
Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 mana
Cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds
Magic Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 260
(+100% of Ability Power)
Fear Duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 second(s)

Additional Information about the Skill:

  • Spell shields can block the initial portion of Unspeakable Horror.
  • The fear will still apply regardless of spell shields.

RParanoiaBanshee's Veil.pngQuicksilver Sash.png
(Active) Nocturne reduces the sight radius of all enemy champions and removes their ally vision for 4 seconds; this includes champions, minions, wards, towers, and clairvoyance.

While Paranoia is active, Nocturne can launch himself at a visible enemy champion, dealing physical damage.
Cost: 100 mana
Sight Reduction: 300
Cooldown: 150 / 125 / 100 seconds
Physical Damage: 150 / 250 / 350
(+120% of bonus Attack Damage)
Range: 2500 / 3250 / 4000

Additional Information about the Skill:

  • Quicksilver Sash can remove the vision reduction caused by Paranoia.

Competitive Usage

In Premier Tournaments
Event Bans Picks Wins Losses Win % Picked/Banned in % of Games
Ogn logo.png HOT6iX Champions Spring 2014 1 4 2 2 50 5.9
Riot 2019 logo small.png All-Star Paris 2014 0 2 0 2 0 11.8
LCS logo small.png 2014 NA LCS Spring Playoffs 6 8 4 4 50 77.8
LCS logo small.png 2014 NA LCS Spring Round Robin 0 1 1 0 100 0.9
LCS logo small.png 2014 EU LCS Spring Playoffs 1 2 1 1 50 15

Patch History


Passive has an AP ratio.

We know what you’re thinking, but let’s explain. There are an abundance of things in the game that give ability power incidentally (Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Baron Buff etc), making a number of champions sad when they can’t utilize it. Giving Nocturne an ever so slight ratio should make him feel better when these cases arise.

Umbra Blades.png Passive - Umbra Blades

NEW RATIO : Now additionally scales with 0.15 ability power per hit


With worlds just around the corner and teams getting better at the ever-evolving vision game, we figured there’s no better time to introduce a little darkness into the mix. Nocturne’s pretty compelling for the average jungler looking to climb, but for the professional scene struggles to break through due to the predictability of his ganks. Reverting our restriction on how far he can rocket forth and murder-torpedo your backline should give teams at all levels of play more reason to embrace the darkness.

Shout-outs to those who say we never revert anything. This one’s for y’all.

25px R - Paranoia

RANGE : 2000/2750/3500 2500/3250/4000

E's base damage up.

"While Nocturne's not in the worst spot as far as living nightmares go, his early-game's a little softer than we'd like considering how reliant he is on the post-6 paranoia pressure he puts on lanes. Mixing in a tad more spookiness to Unspeakable Horror's damage output should up his effectiveness when murdering frightened Teemos."
  • Unspeakable Horror.png R - Unspeakable Horror
    • DAMAGE : 50/100/150/200/250 80/120/160/200/260
    • FEAR FACTOR : Speed bonus towards scared targets now correctly works with allied fears (such as Hecarim's Onslaught of Shadows and Shaco's Jack-In-The-Box)

Mass Texture Rebalance (Part 10)

"With this last bundle of champions, the "Mass" part of our Texture Rebalancing has been completed. That doesn't mean we'll never update a texture again - we'll continue to do so as opportunities arise - but this is the end of seeing these as a major patch note item. Thank you everyone for your continued feedback!"
"For those interested in final numbers, these ten installments have rebalanced around 311 skins across 62 champions over 7 months (we started back in patch 4.17)!"
  •  Lux
    • Base, Commando, Imperial, Sorceress, Spellthief, Steel Legion
  •  Nocturne
    • Ravager (update to a previous rebalance)
  •  Poppy
    • Base, Battle Regalia, Blacksmith, Lollipoppy, Noxus, Ragdoll, Scarlet Hammer
  •  Shaco
    • Base, Asylum, Nutcracko, Mad Hatter, Roya, Workshop
    • Base Jack-In-The-Boxes have also been updated for all skins that use them
  •  Shyvana
    • Base, Boneclaw, Darkflame, Ironscale
  •  Teemo
    • Base, Astronaut, Badger, Cottontail, Happy Elf, Panda, Recon, Super
    • Base mushrooms (for all skins that use them) and custom mushrooms for Astronaut, Panda and Super skins have also been updated

R cooldown down.

"For a champion that's not too far off the mark, the biggest pain point for Nocturne players is lacking enough opportunities to impact a game before it's too late, so we've cut the cooldown to give him just that. Don't worry Noc - we got your darkness right here. "
  • 25px R - Paranoia
    • COOLDOWN : 180/140/100 seconds 150/125/100 seconds

We're going to copy paste the patch note into the summary: Nocturne now gains massively increased movement speed when moving toward feared targets. This works with other fears!

"Waaaaaay back in 4.3 (That's February! Hi Vel'Koz!), we changed fear mechanics across the board to make the affected unit move away from you instead of in random directions. Unlike other champions, however, Nocturne has lacked a way to really capitalize on the consistency of his newer fear. So we're fixing that. Also, this means any of Nocturne's spooky friends (Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Hecarim, Lollipoppy) can set him up for some sweet ganks.
Because he's a nightmare.
A living nightmare."
  • Unspeakable Horror.png E - Unspeakable Horror
    • [NEW] PASSIVE - ALSO WORKS WITH OTHER FEARS! : Nocturne now gains massively increased movement speed when moving toward feared targets


  • UnspeakableHorror.jpg E - Unspeakable Horror
    • UTILITY: Affected units run around in fear ⇒ Affected units now run away from Nocturne with impaired movement speed


  • Duskbringer
    • Fixed a bug where the trail bonus was applying inconsistently


  • Fixed a bug where  Nocturne wouldn't automatically chase his target after using Paranoia


  • Base Movement Speed increased by 25.


  • Shroud of Darkness shield duration reduced to 1.5 seconds from 2
  • Paranoia cooldown increased at earlier ranks to 180 / 140 / 100 seconds from 160 / 130 / 100
  • Updated Umbra Blades tooltip


  • Umbra Blades healing amount per target hit adjusted to 10 / 18 / 26 from 15 / 20 / 25


  • Fixed a bug with the Ravager skin where Unspeakable Horror was not visually applying the fear tether


  • Umbra Blades now has a passive cooldown timer like  Ziggs and  Shen


  • Unspeakable Horror
    • Cast range reduced to 425 from 500
    • Tether range reduced to 465 from 525


  • Unspeakable Horror leash range reduced to 525 from 550


  • Paranoia
    • Nocturne will now attempt to attack the target after using Paranoia
    • No longer grants assists for limiting enemy vision


  • Added a minimap range indicators for long range (non-global) spells such as  Nocturne's Paranoia and  Ashe's Hawkshot


  • Duskbringer damage reduced to 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 from 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260
  • Paranoia
    • Damage reduced to 150 / 250 / 350 from 150 / 300 / 450
    • Fixed a bug where it caused a hitch the first time it was used


  • Fixed a bug where Paranoia would follow targets over variable amounts of distance depending on spell rank


  • Duskbringer attack damage bonus reduced to 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 from 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
  • Unspeakable Horror
    • Cast range reduced to 475 from 500 and leash range reduced to 550 from 600
    • Fixed a bug where breaking the leash near the end would still trigger the fear
    • Fixed a bug where adding a spell shield like Banshee's Veil while Unspeakable Horror was on you would block the fear effect
  • Paranoia range reduced to 2,000 / 2,750 / 3,500 from 2,500 / 3,250 / 4,000


  • Shroud of Darkness shield is now brighter and easier to see.

 Nocturne released

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