National ESL Premier League Season 3

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Naitonal ESL Premier League Season 3
League Information
OrganizerNational ESL
Event TypeOnline
Event ServerNA
Prize Pool$4,000
Start Date2012-03-28
End Date2012-05-30


National ESL Premier League Season 3 was a tournament hosted by ESL for the North American server.


  • Round Robin group play
    • Each Match was Best of Three
    • Three Premier Groups of Eight teams each and One Premier Groups has seven teams.
    • Ten Open Groups of varying teams (seven, eight, or nine teams).
  • Top Sixteen teams from group stage continue on to Elimination Bracket.
    • Single Elimination
    • Each Match is Best of Three
  • Top two teams will be placed automatically in National ESL Pro Series.
  • 3rd and 4th place teams will has a slot chance in National ESL Pro Series.

Prize Pool

4000 US Dollars (~3100€) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Prize(~EUR) Team
1st $2,000 €1,500 USA Counter Logic Gaming Black
2nd $1,200 € 900 USA Lzuruha Gaming
3rd $ 800 € 700 North America Team Dynamic


North America (8)
USA Team Green Forest USA Counter Logic Gaming Black
North America Absolute Legends NA USA Aggression Gaming
North America Team Dynamic USA Lzuruha Gaming
USA The Black Kakari USA Team EZ eSports



  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 USA Team Green Forest 0
 USA CLG Black 2
 USA CLG Black 2
 USA Absolute Legends NA 0
 USA Aggression Gaming -
 North America Absolute Legends NA W
 USA CLG Black 2
 USA Lzuruha Gaming 0
 USA The Black Kakari 0
 North America Team Dynamic 2 3rd place match
 North America Team Dynamic 1
 North America Absolute Legends NA -
 USA Lzuruha Gaming 2
 USA Team EZ eSports -  North America Team Dynamic W
 USA Lzuruha Gaming W

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